Treason, Impeachment, Emoluments: This is How We Know for Certain We’re Played by the Media — O Society

Just because something is unconstitutional does not mean anything is going to be done about it. Furthermore, the mediots on TV and on the Internet news lie to us. These people either are too sloppy to do their jobs or think we’re too stupid to notice. No. Trump isn’t going to be tried, much less convicted for treason, no matter how many times CIA man CNN talking head John Brennan yells about it in Twitter.

This is all a show. The Apprentice White House Edition. No one is going to cancel this show as long as its ratings are good.

I figured this out before Trump was even inaugurated. By asking real attorneys how this stuff works.

The Constitution was set up to protect rich white landowners. Trump is a White Supremacist billionaire real estate salesman.

Do the math. It ain’t calculus, Sunshine.

Trump is who the Constitution was written for, by people like himself. By people who thought only rich white landowners have a right to have any say in how things go.

So stop the madness. Just stop it. The powers that be aren’t going to get rid of him.

Somebody might remove DJT the JFK way – but again – do the math. All the John Hinckley nutters out there love Trump.

He isn’t going to be removed from office by the Congress or Supreme Court or none of that jive.

Those are soap opera storylines sold to us by the media. They play us. The take your sense of hope and KA-CHING! sell us magical thinking.

Don’t let them play us. They have reasons to keep us sedentary full of hope someone is going to “do something about it.”

They haven’t done anything about it and they won’t.

Magical. Thinking.

For the most part, the mainstream media are National Enquirer level reporting now. Tabloids. Gossip. Celebrity trash. Infotainment.

The News section, the Sports page, the Entertainment section… they’re all the same thing now.

Editorials and Factual Statements are the same thing now.

Journalism and Op-Eds and advertising are all the same thing now.


And because the truth was plain to the real experts with experience from the beginning of the Trump saga, this is how we know for certain the media lie to us. Selling false hope. Selling sensationalism. For big ratings and cash and prizes.

Trump isn’t the only one constantly lying…

Scofield figured it out within weeks of the election. She made me realize how the media is playing us with this “get Trump” narrative back in Dec ’16. . .

via Treason, Impeachment, Emoluments: This is How We Know for Certain We’re Played by the Media — O Society

7 thoughts on “Treason, Impeachment, Emoluments: This is How We Know for Certain We’re Played by the Media — O Society

    • DrB., Tubularsock would agree and the two sides play off each other keeping the populous off balance as they both rob and plunder.

      As George Carlin said years ago …. “it’s a big club, and you and I aren’t in it”!


  1. In my view, Tube, Americans have been too strongly conditioned to view the political landscape as a dichotomy in which they’re forced to choose sides. And if you reject both positions you get attacked by both of them.

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