Canadians Begin Boycotting US Goods

The push to ” boycott America” and buy more Canadian products gained strength after the U.S. levied 25% tariffs on Canadian steel and 10% on aluminum starting June 1 and President Trump called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “Very dishonest & weak” on Twitter following a Group of Seven meeting the following week.

7 thoughts on “Canadians Begin Boycotting US Goods

  1. You left out illicit drugs, mohandeer. Although technically most illicit drugs come from outside the US, the US clearly controls the supply chain (and the profits). You make an excellent point, though, about the world no longer needing the US.

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  2. Absolutely – that’s why they need to keep Columbia and Venezuela under their control – hence the need to undermine the Venezuelan government and Maduro who insists on defying the US. How will the US keep it’s fractious populace under control and their coffers full if they were to lose the income from such countries as Columbia, Afghanistan and the Philippines? Look to where the drugs are being harvested and transported and it’s easy to identify where the US has got it’s fingers all sticky.


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