Revisiting NATO Atrocities in Yugoslavia

Why? Revisiting NATO Atrocities in Yugoslavia

RT (2014)

Film Review

This documentary is about the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. The nightly bombing went on for 78 days and killed 2,000 civilians, including 88 children. Most Americans are totally unaware of this shameful chapter in US history. Despite claims to the contrary NATO bombers clearly targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure, destroying more than 300 schools, factories and hospitals. Bill Clinton’s political justification for the bombing was “regime change,” ie the ouster of the “vicious dictator” Milosevic.

The film intersperses interviews with grieving survivors with bizarre clips from US mainstream media coverage.

Clinton’s bombing campaign on Yugoslavia constitutes a war crime as it was never approved by the UN Security Council. Russia and China both indicated they would veto a Security Council resolution – in retaliation NATO forces bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.

7 thoughts on “Revisiting NATO Atrocities in Yugoslavia

  1. Serbia, a Christian nation, courageously fought the Nazis in WW II. Clinton was gladly carrying out a part of the NWO Globalist plan to destroy Serbia and open the way for Muslims to pour through from Albania to flood Europe. That was a form Coudenhove-Kalergi’s idea to make the general public of Europe easily managed under complete tyranny. Coudenhove-Kalergi is considered the founder of the European Union and received its first Charlemagne Medal. Other recipients, Edward Heath, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton (2000), Angela Merkel, and Pope Francis.

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    • Interesting perspective, marblenecltr. In the version I heard, Clinton’s motives had more to do with allowing US oil companies access to oil in the Caspian Sea Basin. Interesting background about the Charlemagne Medal – something that’s new to me.


  2. And some of us wonder why we are so hated around the globe. Bush (the Dolt) claimed people hated us for our “freedoms”. No one hates us for our freedoms as much as our own government, and those behind the scenes who pull the strings on government do. As we watch what we do to other countries under the banner of the “war on terror”…..keep in mind that we have become the terrorists they claim to be fighting. There is no war on terror…it is in reality a war OF terror perpetrated against any country that refuses to allow us to exploit their resources, or whose leaders refuse to knuckle under. We have become the thing we claimed to despise. And always keep in mind…..what they do in our names to others…they will eventually bring home and do to us.

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