8 thoughts on “Last year’s flu vaccine was a total bust, yet the CDC claims it was a “grand success” – Here’s the truth of what happened

  1. Oh, the claim was that flu season was just horrible! “So many people were coming down with the flu and were being hospitalized,” they said. They hyped the shit out of flu season last year because I think many people are catching on to the fact that they really don’t need a flu shot. I haven’t had a flu shot in decades and I don’t get the flu. So, what category or group am I in? The stupid, uninformed, ignorant group that is simply putting others at risk by refusing a flu shot and by luck, didn’t get the flu? Or am I in the category that is just pigheaded and beyond hope because I don’t believe in the magic of flu shots? Or are the two groups or categories the same? Either way, they can hype the shit out of this flu season and still, I will not be standing in line to get a flu shot. I’ll take my chances. One group I don’t mind belonging to and that is “The Think For Myself” Group.

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    • I’m also firmly in the “the think for myself” group, Shelby. Even the CDC admits the flu shot is only 9% effective in my age group. I’m also concerned about studies that show that people who receive frequent flu shots are more susceptible to other respiratory infections. I used to get horrible sinus infections several times a year before I stopped getting the flu shot.

      I’m also impressed with research showing the main reason vaccines don’t work against viruses is because they have no effect on cellular immunity – the main mechanism our bodies use to fight off viruses. Vaccines only affect antibody levels – which play a minimal if any role in fighting off viruses.

      At the moment I am much more focused on solutions that improve my cellular immunity, like taking vitamin C, taking probiotics and following a diet that improves my intestinal bacteria.

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  2. Unfortunately, many who have not had their very readily available flu shots and choose to drink spring water rather than tap water are unknowingly afflicted with deprivation of certain essential minerals, mercury, aluminum, fluoride, and lithium, for example. It all may lead to unwanted life extension for the world’s useless eaters. About six and one half billion people if we go by NWO Globalist estimates. The kill shot will not come into effect until a sufficient number of robots are manufactured by other robots in order to bury all the bodies. Don’t whine and complaint, no pity parties, express gratitude for your unseen masters not assigning that task to you! It is all for the good of the universe and a few others. Henry Kissinger, Nobel Peace Prize winner, “Yes, many people will die when the New World Order is established, but it will be a much better world for those who survived.” Talk about joy over a glass six and one half billionth full!


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