Cell Phone Industry Wins Right to Continue Not Warning Public About Radiation Danger Other Than in Fine Print of Manuals Most Don’t Read or Can’t Find

By B.N. Frank

Cell phone manufacturers have actually been warning their shareholders – not customers – that they may eventually be held liable for the harm they have caused.

In the meantime though, they want to keep the rest of us confused about harm from exposure and excited about new digital, electronic, and wireless technology.

Many people are unaware that warnings on packs of cigarettes weren’t included until 1964 even though there was research that had already proven they were harmful.  For years afterward, people were still allowed to smoke almost everywhere – even in doctor’s offices and hospitals.  The Tobacco Industry’s use of the American government’s appeal system was brilliantly described by character, Nick Naylor, in the 2004 film, Thank You for Smoking.

It all seems ridiculous – almost laughable – to think that people believed that regularly inhaling smoke of any kind was completely harmless.  We were played big-time by “Big Tobacco.”

In fact, “Big Tobacco” was still using that American appeals system until last year to play us.  Laughable, right?

In 2012, a federal bill was introduced by Dennis Kucinich called “The Cell Phone Right to Know” Act.  It was supported by many – including scientists and medical professionals – but didn’t pass.

In 2014, The Berkeley Cell Phone “Right to Know” Ordinance was introduced to require cell phone retailers to provide consumers with:

“…purely factual and uncontroversial disclosures about commercial products.”

The city’s cell phone “right to know” ordinance requires cell phone retailers either to post a notice or provide consumers with the following safety information:

“To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radiofrequency (RF) exposure guidelines. If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.”

Decades of research had already proven that exposure to cell phones and other digital, electronic, and wireless devices and infrastructure was harmful.  This legislation still didn’t make much reference to that.

That doesn’t matter to CITA, who represents The Wireless Industry.

This is why The Telecom Industry- aka “Big Wireless” – has been compared to “Big Tobacco”recently and in the past.  They have legally been able to avoid warning us about exposure except for in the fine print of their manuals which many don’t read – sometimes because they can’t find them.  No one seems to have yet enforced “The Precautionary Principle” on “Big Wireless.”

Many people assume that all of this is harmless otherwise we’d be warned by everyone under the sun – like we are with smoking.  Children likely assume that all of this technology operates via magic, otherwise every adult under the sun wouldn’t seem to be endorsing them to use it and Sesame Streetwouldn’t feature a character named “Smarty the Smart Phone.”

Earlier this week, advertisers cheered at the California Supreme Court decision to vacate a lower court ruling in the Berkley ordinance that required cell phone retailers to warn customers about possible radiation exposure.

It’s bad for business when people start worrying that excessive use and exposure to specific products and infrastructure will harm them and their loved ones, including their pets.

It’s not just The Telecom Industry aka “Big Wireless” that doesn’t seem to care about any of this.  Many of our elected officials as well as current and former government employees don’t seem to care either.

In the meantime, well-meaning people are raising money for research to cure cancer and other health conditions while the powers-that-be continue encouraging that we expose ourselves and our loved ones to increasing amounts of radiation and electrical pollution (Electrosmog).

Ridiculous.  Almost laughable, right?

Via Blacklisted News

3 thoughts on “Cell Phone Industry Wins Right to Continue Not Warning Public About Radiation Danger Other Than in Fine Print of Manuals Most Don’t Read or Can’t Find

  1. The laughter will immediately cease when there is a cancer diagnosis. Nothing funny in that. And I do understand that it is not the fault of a child if a child is given a smartphone because children don’t know any better. But adults? Well, that’s a different story because there is such a thing as ‘common sense’ or at least I thought there was. It would seem that ‘common sense’ is in short supply these days because nothing works by ‘magic.’ There is a price to pay for everything and if we are willing to pay that price at the cost of our health, what can be said?

    If I heard decades ago that cancer was linked to increased exposure to cellphone technology, then I am pretty sure that many others heard it too. They just choose to ignore that fact. Some people, I’ll let off on ignorance, but not all. Many simply don’t care! The party ain’t over until it’s over. Meanwhile, they’ll party until the diagnosis. That’s just the way some are going to act no matter how many times, it’s told to them about the risks. They are as addicted to those phones and the technology that powers those devices as those who are addicted to cigarettes. Billions are still smoking though they know the dangers. Again, some can’t quit despite all hell, but others wouldn’t give smoking up for anything, including a healthy set of lungs…well….as healthy as any lungs can be in this day and age.

    By all means, continue to try and wake people up by spreading the message of how harmful this mess is and hopefully some will pick up what you’re putting down. You are at least, doing what you can and that is all that you can do.


  2. Your comment is both very profound and very sad, Shelby. And you’re absolutely right – thanks to the cunning PR campaign that comes with the smart phones, they are extremely addicting. Ironically this is one area in which the very poor will have an advantage over the rich – they can’t afford them

    Thanks for commenting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hate to tell you this Dr. Bramhall, but homeless people have come up to me begging for something to eat while clutching a ‘pimped’ out smartphone. Did I dig into their shit or what? I dug deep into their shit! Here I am, not even carrying a phone and a person who tells me they are homeless is clutching an $800 phone? So, I am to believe that all that begging each day is to purchase the latest smartphone? Either they were trying to play me or the homeless are spending their collected spare change on smartphones and heading to the homeless shelter at night. Because it wasn’t the ‘Obama phone’ they were clutching. That’s got no bells and whistles.


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