Democrats Back Massive Pentagon Budget For War and Repression

The Democrats raised only one substantial criticism. They demanded more aggressive trade war measures against Chinese technology company ZTE and inserted a provision keeping in place penalties against the firm that Trump had sought to eliminate.

By Andre Damon

June 28, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –  Senate Democrats joined Republicans this week to approve a massive expansion of the US military as demanded by President Donald Trump. Congressional action on the near-record Pentagon budget is taking place behind a veil of silence, with no public discussion and virtually no media coverage.

Even as the Trump administration steamrolls ahead with plans to gut social spending, winning a House vote Thursday to slash $23 billion from food stamp spending and advancing a scheme to consolidate the departments of Labor and Education in the name of “cutting costs”, both houses of Congress have approved a bill that expands military spending at the fastest rate since the highpoint of the war in Iraq.

The so-called “John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019”, which passed the Senate 85-10 Monday after having been approved by the…

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5 thoughts on “Democrats Back Massive Pentagon Budget For War and Repression

  1. A vote for the democrats is the same as a vote for the republicans. There is no difference whatsoever. Some people say that we should keep our voting status current so that we can vote on the local level. But the problem is we are bombarded with ads to the point where our mailboxes are overflowing and I for one had gotten tired of receiving what was pure rot!

    I don’t care what anyone says, I don’t have a reason to vote and I am not going to vote; republican or democrat..AGAIN…it makes no difference. I complained when I did vote and I complain when I don’t but at least I didn’t stand in a long line to vote FOR what I am only going to complain about. To hell with it all because people are starving and homeless while we are paying for bombs regardless of whether we want to or not!

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  3. I’m inclined to agree, Shelby. I think it’s easier to influence local government than national government – but certainly not by voting. I have found there are a number of effective ways to lobby local government – including making submissions, circulating petitions and holding protests and sit-ins. Here in New Plymouth we recently thwarted an effort by our local council to sell off a public reserve to real estate developers.

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