Democrats Are The Only Group Left That Believes The Mainstream Media

Source: ZeroHedge

In what looks like a validation of the growing public expressions of anger directed at members of the media, a new Axios poll found that nearly all (a staggering 92%) of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents believe that mainstream media organizations knowingly report false or misleading stories, at least occasionally. And while Democrats proved to be the most credulous group, a majority still doubt that US media organizations are 100% credible.

All told, 72% of respondents said they believe mainstream media organizations to be knowingly misleading. Other studies from Gallup and Pew Research Center have drawn similar conclusions, with Democrats, unsurprisingly, revealed as the only group that still has any substantial level of trust in the media. Back in the 1970s, trust in media rose as high as 74% during the aftermath of Watergate.

The poll also found that 43% of Democrats say they utilize “Fact-Checking” resources like Snopes and, while only 30% of Republicans and Independents do the same.

President Trump regularly lashes out at the “Fake News” media during his rallies and tweets. But most recently, it was Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who took the media to task for sloppy reporting, rebutting a Wall Street Journal  and Bloomberg scoop about the administration’s plans to block investment by Chinese firms. According to Mnuchin, the story got important details about the administration’s strategy wrong, including its focus on China. Mnuchin shared finalized details about the policy earlier this morning.

Source: Democrats Are The Only Group Left That Believes The Mainstream Media

5 thoughts on “Democrats Are The Only Group Left That Believes The Mainstream Media

  1. Not surprising that republicans disbelieve what the Mainstream News Media has to say seeing as how Donald Trump has been running around shouting and screaming and tweeting about ‘fake news’ to the point where his ‘fake news’ mantra is just as familiar as his infamous reality TV show line of “You’re fired!”

    As far as democrats are concerned, I no longer know what is going on with them, just as I don’t believe they know either. It seems to me that the democrats are running around rudderless. It will cost them in terms of midterm votes, I believe.

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  2. From my perspective, Shelby, the battle over fake news is revealing just how much the “mainstream” media is controlled by the CIA and deep state. Mainly because their editorial policy is so damned predictable. The same papers that go on and on about Russian election meddling – despite total lack of evidence – go on an on about Assad’s mistreatment of (CIA-trained) Syrian rebels.

    I read a really good piece about a month ago about the Democratic National Committee being run by a handful of dictators who are in leadership purely to line their pockets and not to further the success of the Democratic Party. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if some of them also have intelligence links. An online friend of mine has documented that the Daily Kos – the Democrats’ main online rag – was started by a known CIA operative.

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