9 thoughts on “This Lawsuit Could Bring Down Barack Obama Once And For All

  1. While I agree that all of this was already in play seeing as how Obama was nicknamed, “Deporter-in-Chief,” I still don’t think that this lawsuit will make any difference. I wish I could be more optimistic. But each administration, including Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama’s and even those before them have been overflowing with scandal and yet not one of those thugs have been brought to justice for their criminal doings.

    There has been much evidence of criminal activity and yet despite the evidence, who has been locked up? Even war crimes tribunals have not been able to touch those who did indeed, commit war crimes because George W. Bush and crew should be cooling their heels in prison for lying and starting a war in Iraq that resulted in untold deaths. Yet, he’s free as a bird. And Obama will stay that way as well as will Donald Trump.


    • I think you’re probably right, Shelby. The economic power of the US still has a way to slide before the international community finally brings some of this pond scum to justice. That being said, I see clear value in litigation in that it sets out a permanent and public record that future international prosecutors can use.

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    • As I mentioned to Shelby, Kenneth, once foreign powers cease to fear the CIA assassinating their presidents or invading their countries – which I believe will happen in the next decade or so – they will begin prosecuting US war crimes.


  2. Thanks Schluter. I’ve been following Matrix Bob for a long time and am well aware of his fondness for Alex Jones – who sets my teeth on edge. But you know what they say about broken clocks – they’re right twice a day.


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