Trump’s Trade War Prompts Harley-Davidson to Close Missouri Plant – Move That Production to Thailand

Missouri voted for Trump in 2016 – the EU is selectively targeting states with strong Trump support.


❝ In early 2017, President Donald Trump met with executives from Harley-Davidson who he thanked for “building things in America”…

❝ Last week, the EU imposed retaliatory tariffs on US goods, including bourbon, orange juice and motorcycles. The measures are a response to new US duties on steel and aluminium imports…

❝ While Harley-Davidson had been struggling financially well before the EU’s retaliatory tariffs went into effect, the import duties of 25% certainly didn’t help matters.

❝ “To address the substantial cost of this tariff burden long-term, Harley-Davidson will be implementing a plan to shift production of motorcycles for EU destinations from the US to its international facilities to avoid the tariff burden…”

❝ The move is one of the most visible consequences of the trade disputes triggered by US President Donald Trump’s decision to levy tariffs on steel and aluminium imports.

Give our Fake President time. He’ll figure out…

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9 thoughts on “Trump’s Trade War Prompts Harley-Davidson to Close Missouri Plant – Move That Production to Thailand

  1. Harley-Davidson was already closing its Kansas City, Missouri plant by summer of 2019 and this just adds to the woes of the workers at remaining Harley-Davidson plants since Harley-Davidson stated the reason for closing the plant in Kansas City is because the demand for their product, globally, is down.

    “U.S. motorcycle ridership has stalled in spite of Levatich’s efforts to introduce models for first-time buyers and teach more Americans how to safely get around on bikes. Harley shares fell as much as 9.4 percent in New York, the biggest intraday drop since July.”

    The folks who used to swear by Harley-Davidson are just getting too old and the younger generations don’t want to ride motorcycles. Hell! They don’t even want to drive cars. Add in the tariffs and that spells even more doom for this company.

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    • Wow, I never realized you were so knowledgeable about motorcycles, Shelby. I’m really impressed. It’s ironic living here in New Zealand because here (and in Australia) white motorcycle gangs just seem to be catching on. Hopefully they will keep making the t-shirts. They’re a real status symbol here.


      • My dad loved motorcycles. In fact, I discovered one in a hidden compartment of their garage after he passed. My mother didn’t even know he had it. It’s still in there. He used to take us for rides on the back of them. But like I said, the generation of Harley riders is getting old and the generations after are just not into riding and motorcycle gangs are just not a big part of the landscape anymore. At least from what I’ve seen.


  2. Trump is probably here to stay as the fascist trump, supreme court uses its influence to rig elections. As fascism is allowed to rachetup in murica several times. Allows fascis animals to put children in cages in texas and arzona for profit. Done for trumps private contractor buddies to profit from child torture and abuse.

    There have been several cases of child traffikers in arizona keeping children in cages in arizona for slavery, pedophilia etc. Now it is all out in the open. Open fascism and dehumanization. Republican politicians and rich republican pedophiles and creeps involved in child traficking. Nothing new to them. As bad or worse than nazi germany


    • Child trafficking is a really old problem, Carolyn. I was encountering it over 25 years ago when I was in private practice in Seattle. However it’s good to see the problem coming out in the open. Both the Republican and Democratic Party are so deeply corrupt at this point that I really despair when I try to envision any alternatives to Trump under the current political system.

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  3. Maybe there is a silver lining in trade war and automation,with manufacturing cost in down spin and local options keep getting more realistic,we can overcome the inequality in worth of human labor and places like Africa can become more equal.


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