Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. asks why liberals lose their minds and abandon all principles when it comes to the issue of vaccines

Somehow, making medical decisions for oneself is entirely off limits whenever these decisions defy what the rest of the “herd” is expected to comply with – something that vaccine truth advocate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sees as a major societal problem.

5 thoughts on “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. asks why liberals lose their minds and abandon all principles when it comes to the issue of vaccines

  1. College kids will tell ya there are no liberals. It is a joke. There are just the corporate repukes and the corporate blue dogs. One party state. 80% have no representation in this totalitarian capitalist state. The 100 billion a year , multiple-agency, secret police and cop goons make sure of it.


  2. I don’t think it’s just so-called ‘liberals’ per se that are ‘losing their minds’ over this vaccine thing, conservatives are as well. And I do believe that many ‘liberals’ now refer to themselves as ‘progressives’ since the term ‘liberal’ has become a ‘dirty’ word thanks to conservatives going bat shit nuts condemning anyone who has a thought in their head for the plight and well being of others.

    The other day I was at my doctor’s office and was asked if I had received a flu shot last year. I said, “No!” But when I asked why had I not been given a tetanus shot since I’d asked for one three times already, I was told that my insurance won’t pay for a tetanus shot unless I come in bleeding from the ass after having sat down on a rusty nail. So in essence, I must first get tetanus before insurance will pay for a tetanus shot. What would be the damn point? So, according to insurance, I damn near have to drop dead from tetanus before they will pay for the shot. I had to fork over over $100 for a goddamn tetanus shot while fighting off their demands that I get a flu vaccine while they were also perusing my chart to see if I needed a pneumonia shot which they then determined that it was not needed since I was not 65 because apparently, my birth date was hidden from them and I must look 90. Seriously???!!! I have never had to pay for a tetanus shot. My medical records reflect the last year that I was given a tetanus shot and it was automatically given to me when I reached the next point in time when I was due to receive another one. Healthcare in America has been on the decline for decades and is getting worse!


  3. I blame it on the insurance companies sticking their nose into the health care trough to vacuum up all the dollars they could lay their hands on for profit and obscene CEO salaries. They have converted the whole US health care system into a mindless assembly line. Doctors and nurses don’t have time to talk to patients any more, much less make rational decisions about their ultimate welfare. Despite paying twice as much for health care than other industralized countries for health care, American has the worst health care system with the worst outcomes.

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