How you can help protect Medicare and Social Security

The U.S., being Monetarily Sovereign, has the unlimited ability to create its own sovereign currency, the U.S. dollar. The notion that a department of the U.S. government can become insolvent is like saying the mail room of a large, infinitely wealthy corporation can become insolvent — an obvious impossibility unless the corporation were arbitrarily to decide not to pay the mail room’s expenses.

#Monetary Sovereignty - Mitchell


It takes only two things to keep people in chains:

The ignorance of the oppressed
And the treachery of their leaders


You endlessly have been told that Medicare and Social Security Trust funds will, in the near future, run short of money unless benefits are decreased or taxes are increased.

In the post, Fake federal trust funds and fake concerns we debunk this false idea. Today, I’ll suggest what you can do to help protect your Medicare and Social Security.

First, as a quick refresher, here are excerpts from a very short article in THE WEEK Magazine, June 22, 2018:t

Nolan Finley: The annual report from the trustees of Social Security and Medicare shows that both programs “have accelerated their race toward the brick wall of insolvency.”

Social Security will spend more money this year than it takes in for the first time since 1983.


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10 thoughts on “How you can help protect Medicare and Social Security

  1. From the article:

    “I suggest you contact your Senators and your Representative, and rather than go through the entire argument about Monetary Sovereignty, simply say this:

    “We repeatedly are told that Medicare will become insolvent unless there is a decrease in benefits or a tax increase.

    “Were you aware that this applies only to Medicare Part A? Medicare Part B and Part D are paid out of the federal General Fund, which means they cannot become insolvent.

    “So the question is: Why doesn’t Congress merely specify that Medicare Part A benefits be paid the same way as Medicare Part B and Part D?

    “That would completely eliminate all the concerns about insolvency.

    “(The same would be true for Social Security. It too should be paid from the General Fund.)”

    A letter would be good. A phone call would be better. A letter + a phone call would be better yet. Repeated phone calls and letters would be the best.”

    Sound advice. Each Administration has attempted cuts to what they consider ‘entitlement programs’. They are called ‘entitlement programs’ for a reason. That reason being that it is to make people feel bad about seemingly being ‘entitled’ as though they are ‘entitled trust fund babies’, which is not the case. Americans pay into these programs their entire working lives because the monies that are collected in the form of taxes to ostensibly go into these programs, we have been told, are what is keeping these programs afloat and the reason we have these safety net programs.

    A fact is that many past presidential Administrations have raided Social Security and used the money to balance the budget and that is the reason why when Bill Clinton left office, he bragged and boasted of a budget surplus, but never said why; raiding Social Security is why. George W. Bush raided Social Security to help finance an illegal war and to cut taxes for the rich to the tune of $1.37 trillion but still set US back over a trillion dollars.

    But why is it that we never hear of an end to fund congress’s designer health care and pension because of budget shortfalls, insolvency and such? It is because politicians have made sure that their nest is feathered well and is in no danger of falling out of the tree while our nests, according to those shits, are coming apart and collapsing. Don’t fall for their bullshit. Call them out on it and tell your ‘representatives’, that if any cuts are to be made that you demand their salaries and their designer health care get cut since they’re doing not a damn thing for their constituents whose welfare should come first!

    As old and sick as the baby boomers are, it is always incumbent upon them to rise up and fight back against those who would dismantle programs that will help in some small way for each of us if we live long enough because make no mistake, these programs don’t fully cut it for those who have retired since many people only receive a Social Security benefit of a little over $1,000 monthly. Who in the world could rent an apartment, pay utilities, buy food and other essentials on that? And with deep cuts to pension plans all across America, people are still wondering why we have a growing homeless problem? I don’t wonder. Cities like Detroit, MI and Stockton, CA filed for bankruptcy and pensions suffered deep cuts and those people, despite appeals, have not had their pension payments fully restored and they won’t be. Times are getting harder and harder and people are suffering more and more. To be quite honest, I don’t really know what the answer is.


    • Wow. Very thoughtful and comprehensive comment, Shelby. There used to be a time when there were current affairs programs on TV and radio, as well as newspaper columnists who delivered commentary like this. Now all we get is lies, infotainment and reality TV to confuse people and confuse them about what’s really going on.

      My belief (which I have stated before) is that there is a new global economic realignment happening and the US is being left out – which is why the conditions of Americans’ lives are deteriorating so rapidly. The fact that the entire US infrastructure is computerized has left the country extremely vulnerable – which makes it extremely difficult to predict which system will collapse first – the energy or the telecommunications grid.

      So I guess the best thing to do is to get together with our neighbors and others in our community to build ourselves little survival lifeboats to try to save as many people as we can. That’s what we’re doing here in New Plymouth.

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      • It is chaos and damn near pandemonium over here already, Dr. Bramhall. What with fires and floods, drought, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and hookworm, we ARE a 3rd World Country. In fact the United Nations castigated the shit out of this shithole for ignoring the plight of the most severely poverty stricken Americans. The UN stated that over 47 million Americans live in deep, unrelenting poverty and that America is completely ignoring them, which it is. And so Nikki Haley, United States Ambassador to the UN told the UN to “Fuck off!” And now America has left the United Nations Human Rights Council because it didn’t like having its ugly ass shit exposed for the world to see while America was busy pointing the finger at other countries for their supposed ‘human rights’ abuses; a case of the pot calling the kettle black! And that’s a fact!


  2. Good article about fuko

    You know Trump is a narcissist– a malignant narcissist. Every psychopath is also a narcissist and it’s clear that Trump is also a psychopath. You probably knew that too.
    The question is, how did a malignant narcissist psychopath become president– not just president but a horrific monster who is intentionally destroying the protections that have made Americans and America save from the predations of the worst corporations and his fellow billionaire psychopaths? And what should we do about it.

    It’s a long story. Before civilization, humans evolved, over at least seven million years, to live in small hunter-gather bands where they were bottom-up beings– empathic, kind, cooperative, sharing, interdependent, living with bottom-up connection consciousness– awareness of how decisions and actions affected all the people around them– and the natural ecosystems they depended upon. Anyone who tried to take more than their share of the bands resources would be seen as insane, or would banished or killed. for example, one expert on psychopaths told me that in the far north, a psychopath living amongst the indigenous peoples would be put on an chunk of ice and pushed off into the ocean to float away.

    The creeping opening of humanity to vulnerability to the depredations of narcissists and psychopaths started with the onset of civilization, when food surpluses and possession of domesticated animals led to the creation of police and soldiers to protect them. That led to hierarchy, centralization, authoritarianism and domination. Narcissists and psychopaths began to flourish because there was no band of people to stop them.


    AnonymousJune 23, 2018 at 10:00 AM
    Most of history (as opposed to prehistory)has been, until the past 3040 years, the top-down history of generals and rulers, i.e., despots, monarchs and worse. Civilization, while bringing some wonderful good advances came with a high price– slavery, serfdom, feudalism, privatization of the commons and brutal exploitation of the people at the bottom.

    The narcissistic, top-down ideas of privatization and exploitation have been framed and celebrated by the right as aspects of “liberty” and individualism, as described by Ayn Rand. These narcissistic behaviors have become values that are supported and encouraged by religious and political leaders

    Today, some businesses actually seek out psychopaths as employees. That gives them increasing access to wealth and power. Trump is a born-on-third-base child of wealth. These people are, I believe more at risk for developing the characteristics of psychopaths– particularly callousness, hard-heartedness, absence of empathy, propensity towards lying and disrespecting laws and morals. Of course, Donald Trump fits this profile perfectly.

    His massive scale child abuse is a clear sign of his having all the signs– callousness, hard-heartedness, absence of empathy, propensity towards lying and disrespecting laws and morals. Worse, his deranged behavior is contagious, as evidenced by the many supporters and flunkies who defend this depraved policy. Even worse, ripping away children from their loving parents will permanently traumatize them and make them, the victims more at risk of becoming narcissists and psychopaths themselves. We have to take serious, aggressive action.

    I’ve written many articles, in my article series, Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Narcissists, on the challenge narcissists and psychopaths present to a decent society. Trump and his enablers have made my message even more urgent. We need to develop a science and culture that reject the “values,” really, pathological behaviors and thinking, as the vile, evil things they are. People who engage in such behaviors, people with strong narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies and characteristics should be identified, just as sexual predators are. This is not bigotry, not separating out any particular religion, race, or culture. This is what is done with sexual predators and carriers of highly contagious diseases.

    We need to deal with the reality that these people are dangerous, malignant, destructive people. At one level, they are predators who take life savings from innocent victims who love them. But they are also the same people who gave us the multi-trillion dollar economic collapse of 2008, and the people who profit from war and drugs– addictive and pharmaceutical.

    These are the people who set examples of the worse kind, so we see massive increases in hate, bigotry, intolerance and discrimination. We need to identify them and protect the whole, healthy people who are not narcissists and psychopaths. This should be a conversation that is on the table. It will not be easy. There are billionaire narcissists and psychopaths who will fight it and they will fight dirty, attacking the messengers, attacking the idea. But we’ve gone far too long without doing this necessary work.


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