Forget Bernie: Tiana Smalls For President

An important reminder from Tiana Smalls – Americans have rights and need to assert them. She asserted hers (loudly) when border agents demanded to see her papers on a Greyhound bus traveling from California to Nevada.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018
You Don’t Have To Show Them Shit
by Abby Zimet, staff writer


With immigration and other agents of the state increasingly untethered – at this point they’ve come for refugees, asylees, toddlers, Dreamers and a few citizens, and told a line of waiting Mainers they had to be citizens to ride a friggin’ bus, a claim that prompted the ACLU to remind us, “You have rights and you should use them” – we present a role model for the times, one the ACLU has also praised for her “fierce shot of courage.” Tiana Smalls, a self-described “LOUD ass Black woman” and owner of a small beauty products company who knows her rights and is “willing to act a WHOLE DONKEY” in defense of them, was recently on a Greyhound Bus from California to Nevada when border agents boarded at a state checkpoint once used to check…

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12 thoughts on “Forget Bernie: Tiana Smalls For President

  1. From the article:

    “She says the agents got “exasperated,” one said they could tell she’s a citizen “because of your filthy mouth,” and they got off. “These border patrol officers act like they do because they EXPECT people to be afraid of them and just comply,” she concludes. “We DO NOT HAVE to just take this shit LYING down…Use your voice. Take a risk. Act an ASS….Speak up speak up speak up.”

    I am literally in tears rolling on the floor laughing my ass off! She’s a firebrand after my own heart. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that was me! It usually is!

    This is what I have been trying to get people to understand. If you simply go along with this shit, then they will continue to up the ante. The minute we raise a hue and cry, the shit stops because there are still too many of us against them, but people refuse to do more than comply and quietly acquiesce to everything. Don’t they realize that “Papers please!” is what occurred in Nazi Germany? If they think that the shit that went on over there can’t happen in America, someone needs to pour a bucket of cold water on folks and wake them the hell up!

    Just because it’s happening to people who may somehow look Mexican, does not mean the shit won’t stop with them. We’ve already got a National ID. We’re already being felt up and radiated in order to board a plane and so that apathy and complacency shit needs to cease and it would take a Black woman to stand up for her rights! History has proven this, time and time again! The sad fact is, we are going it alone! White folks! What the hell’s the matter with you?!!


    • Power trip. Harrass people on a greyhound. I do not even know what you could do, if they decided you are illegal and, detain you.

      You might have a NY accent live in NY. You might have a Chicago accent, live in Chicago. You might be black or white. They go on a greyhpund. Say you are illegal, even with an ID. What you gonna do?


        • I am. Thanks shelby. This actually pisses me of so bad i blew my top. I hate flying and the fuking greyhound monoply tha fuks w poor people in murica is bad enpugh wo the goddmed gestapo boarding these shitty buses and harrassing innocent citizens. They do not care anymore. Especially black people are targeted but they mess w elderly disabled kids


          • I understand Gloria and believe me, I am quite tired of being a ‘one woman anti-establishment’ protester. I am always the lone person speaking up EVERYWHERE! If I am in a store and everyone is standing in line and there is only 2 cashier stations open, I am the only one who kicks up a fuss. Everyone else just stands there like good little conformist drones. Too scared to say a damn word. I get through TSA checkpoints by refusing to go through the x-ray scanner by stating that I cannot stand by myself. I am wheeled through the airport to TSA and felt-up and then wheeled to the gate. But at least I’m not radiated before boarding.

            I have also caught Greyhound buses more often than I care to admit and I’ve always received a full refund because guess what…I am the only one who will complain loudly and incessantly. My cousin and I caught a Greyhound bus that broke down and so we did not make our connection. When we got to Toledo, OH the station personnel were so rude, I took names and loudly displayed my anger and was told to hand over my ticket for inspection. My cousin told me to shut up and do as I was told. I refused to hand over my ticket and told the bitch that asked for it that unless she was driving the bus out of Toledo, she could shove her demand for my ticket up her ass! She left me the hell alone and after that, the entire bus station erupted to the point where they had to feed everyone just to shut them up.

            While waiting on a connecting bus in Chicago, I was told that there were no buses coming, I called corporate and threw sixteen fits. While standing there waiting on corporate to get back on the phone, a lady came up to me and said that she had been waiting on a bus since 5am. It was 7pm and I was trying to get to Cleveland OH to make my next connection. I carried on so bad that not one, but three buses arrived, all bound for Cleveland AND everyone in the station was given a voucher for a free meal. I told them just what they could do with that meal voucher. I didn’t want a meal, I wanted a damn bus to make my connection in Cleveland and that’s what I got. But people just refuse to do as I do and so that is why we will continue to get mistreated since millions just say nothing. Saying nothing gets nothing done. Speaking up has gotten me much more than if I had remained silent. I am so thankful to have the backbone that I have and a great set of lungs. Most people would love to pull my tongue out, of that I am certain!

            So, speak up! Speak out! And never stop! It does more than you’d think. I know this for a fact!


    • To tell the truth, Shelby, I immediately thought of you when I read this article. It has been my experience that African Americans often lead the way in modeling for us pink people how to stand up for our rights and organize to make change.

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  2. Greyhound is the definition of fascism and totalitarian capitalism. It is a monopoly. People are treated worse than cattle. It is cheaper to fly but, some people hate flying. Most other countries have many buslines. They will do whatever the government says too. I started flying again.
    I know what u are saying shelby. Muricans are sheeps. The pigs that run things get rude akakenings every now and again. They are so smug about their priviledge , they are easily blindsided. It is a topdown bully society but, a lot of the things that think they are prociledged are morons. Fuko for example.Just fuk wit them when u can

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