Daesh and the US Share a Goal of Disrupting the Kabul-Taliban Ceasefire and the Wider Afghan Reconciliation Process

With many openly questioning links between the increased presence of Daesh troops in Afghanistan and the US attempts at covertly foiling an internal peace process, it is now appropriate to question whether the US is not repeating its Afghan strategy of the 1980s and is attempting to internationalize the terrorist aspect of the current Afghan conflict by covertly facilitating the movement of foreign fighters into Afghanistan.

5 thoughts on “Daesh and the US Share a Goal of Disrupting the Kabul-Taliban Ceasefire and the Wider Afghan Reconciliation Process

  1. Besides exporting international terrorism murica has unprecedented youth unemployment and homelessness. This is the evil trump bastards solution. How can anyone think this fuk is anything other than pure evil?
    Evil man in evil times just put all the kids in jail. In his address to the National Sheriffs Assoc., Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ lays out his theory of crime and social control: mass incarceration, the Drug War, increasing penalties for all types of crimes, increasing $ bail,


  2. Last night, Gloria, they had a story on Radio New Zealand that Trump at al are locking up immigrant kids to force Congress to agree to fund Trump’s border wall. Is this what they’re saying in the US?


    • Sessions is a total fascist. He wants to open more pivate prisons for americans citizens because crime, is skyrocketing. There are 5 or 6 shootings a day in seattle in affluent parts, rainier beach , n seattle. All over. There is massive homelessness and money insecurity everywhere!

      They cannot possibly build enough jails, for what is going on in america, right now.. This is what sessions means in this instance : Crack down on youmg american citizens :on drugs , petty crimes , unpaid traffic tickets, anything. Nobody out on recognizance. Have higher bails, longer jail and prison terms. Incarcerate incarcerate incarcerate.

      The thousand or more, kids taken from their parent, at the border sleep on concrete slabs. They sleep, with a mylar blanket, outside in 110 texas heat, in concentration camps

      This is the james buchanan totalitarion nation trumps pushers were aiming for.


  3. Hi,

    I read this post with interest and a good deal of scepticism. Then I went to the source website and immediately became heaps more sceptical ….

    I guess I simply do not believe that any divine entity (entities) if it (they) were to exist could possibly have us believe that “God’s Will” is the be all and end all of our existence. Especially since there are conceptually a vast number of different “wills” bounded only (assuming we humans are the only species with “Wills”) by the human population.

    There is some sense in the article itself at a geopolitical level. But ….

    I had a good Swedish friend, Boudewijn Wegerif, who had a political website “What matters”. I only met him once in person for a few days but I knew him on-line for years. I went to Sweden in 2004 to meet him at my suggestion knowing that he was dying and with his encouragement. I will never forget our parting which still brings tears to my eyes. He died a few days later. His underlying message was not about “God”. It was about love. This from a man who walked from Stockholm in Sweden to Capetown in South Africa to protest against apartheid. His first wife (who I also spent some time with) was one of the handful of women who camped for years at Greenham Common in England to campaign for nuclear disarmament.

    Since Google controls what we are given to see in Google searches (And Google doesn’t even let me into many of the Swedish internet sites – now there’s food for thought!) access to his work is now limited unless your computer skills are greater than mine. But there is still enough there to give an idea of who he really was.

    My point is that propaganda is all around us all the time these days and it is becoming ever harder to tell what is fake from what is true –So when the source, what was it? Absolute News? doesn’t tell us anything about itself, I get shivers up my spine.


    Lowell Manning


  4. You make some really good points, Lowell. I’ve always been a big fan of “yellow journalism,” ie the practice of enabling all political factions and tendencies to put out their own rag. The notion of “objective journalism” is a myth – since the growing media monopolies that put out “objective” mainstream news are run by boards that interlock with big banks, fossil fuel companies, and military-intelligence-security contractors.

    In my view, the Internet has returned us to the wild west era of yellow journalism – which I feel is a good thing. I really resent the pretense that mainstream media is objective and much prefer for journalists to openly signal their ideological biases.

    This is why I follow a number of blogs representing a range of viewpoints – on a spectrum from libertarian to “non-communist left,” socialist/communist and anarchist. After awhile you begin to recognize recurrent themes that telegraph the perspective the blogger is trying to push.

    Thank you for your comment.


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