20 thoughts on “Tourists shocked by what they see on San Francisco streets

    • That’s what I hear, Gloria. I’m not sure what tourists expect to find in San Francisco. Presumably, because San Francisco is a historic tourist mecca, they expect things to be different there.


  1. Tourists can come to any city in America and find the same thing. America is a shithole and there is no question about it. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan was just stupid seeing as how every Administration including his has done everything possible to add to the homeless problem, add to the drug addiction problem, add to the mental illness problem. The ranks of the homeless, drug addicted, mentally ill population are increasing hourly and tourists should just spend their money going elsewhere because they’ll not see a “land of milk and honey” when they come to America; quite the opposite. If they like stepping on used syringe needles and watching homeless encampments go up, then by all means, they should come here. In my opinion, it is a case of “tourist beware!”

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    • “Tourists should just spend their money going elsewhere …” Illegal aliens as well; go to Paris, Rome, London, Sweden and other most fortunate locations desiring no-go zones, raping young girls after getting them drug addicted, murdering those not followers of Muhammad, and places ruled by the most wicked, those who want destruction of Western civilization through the chaos out of which a few tyrants could rule the few left alive with absolute authority with their new world order.


      • “go to Paris, Rome, London, Sweden and other most fortunate locations desiring no-go zones, raping young girls after getting them drug addicted, murdering those not followers of Muhammad,”

        Or they can visit America and not only see the homeless, mentally ill, drug addicted, they can also get a front row seat to the #metoomovement that started with Western Hollywood producers and directors and actors(Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Chris Hardwick,Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven, Oliver Stone) and the list is endless who also are alleged to have raped young females hankering for a spot on the big screen and how many so-called ‘christians’ have murdered doctors who perform abortions? Two wrongs don’t make a right. And how many murdering ‘christians’ have gone all around the world stealing and enslaving others for profit? Christians don’t get a free goddamn pass! And Donald Trump stated that he could just “Grab women by the pussy!” But that’s okay in YOUR book because it’s what ‘Western civilization is ALL about!

        “Western civilization,” as you call it should be destroyed seeing as how it is anything but civilized. The history of western civilization has got not a goddamn thing to do with anything good but consists of stealing, raping, pillaging, enslavement, war, destruction, capitalism and death. There is not a damn thing worth saving. And those people in the Middle East were minding their own business until the ‘West’ decided to destroy the East based on lies of WMDs. Yeah! ‘Western civilization’; bringing humanitarianism, benevolence and good will to a country near you! Bullshit!


          • What does that question have to do with the title of this blog, “Tourists shocked by what they see on San Francisco streets?”

            And since I am a descendant of slaves, how the hell would I know what land on another continent I “would seek as home?” I am an American citizen, not by virtue of immigration, but by way of slavery and I owe this shithole, NOTHING!

            Furthermore, I commented on this post just as I do on other posts on this site without trying to get into a ‘back and forth’ with others who comment here. I try and show respect on Dr. Bramhall’s blog and will not respond to anymore of your comments.


    • I find it very interesting living in New Zealand during the realm of Donald Trump, Shelby. There is a strong anti-American feeling here, with many Kiwis believing Americans have finally gotten what they deserve having Trump as president. I think there have some very useful articles in Black Agenda Report (one of which I reposted recently) about the usefulness of Trump’s presidency in exposing the utter corruptness and moral bankruptcy of the leadership of both political parties. I must admit that this comes closest to my feelings on the matter.

      I was totally demoralized by the thought of Hillary Clinton winning the election – more about wall of lies in the mainstream media about her obvious support for the endless wars, surveillance police state and silver-tongued lies that Obama administration enshrined.

      I definitely don’t see Trump as any kind of savior. Deep down I believe he’s been set up as the fall guy for the collapse of the American empire – that the shape his presidency is taking signals it will happen sooner rather than later.

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      • I too, like the articles on Black Agenda Report. I found this one to be quite worth the read.

        “Chaos in the Imperial Big House” – Glen Ford

        “Trump is not causing chaos in the imperial Big House because he wants to hasten the demise of U.S. imperialism. He is an intellectually and emotionally retarded spawn of super-privilege trying to stamp his orange imprint on history — “Trump did this, and it was the greatest thing ever!” — like the big “T” on the those buildings he doesn’t actually own. The man, literally, knows not what he does — and, therefore, cannot be counted on to repeat himself, or to follow through on any action with logic and consistency, for good or ill. However, the net effect of Trump’s crazed foreign policy has been to raise urgent questions, among foreign elites and general populations alike, of U.S. fitness for global hegemony. Trump’s behavior could deliver a coup de grace to an already severely frayed global capitalist consensus on U.S. world leadership, significantly weakening the potency of U.S. imperialism — even as Trump aligns more closely with the Israeli apartheid state and the Gulf monarchies and conspires to force regime change in Venezuela.”


        And the rest of the article is just as on point as this excerpt. It is also true that AmeriKKKa deserves Trump. Despite how horrific things are, he is just what AmeriKKKa needs because many eyes will be open before he is finished with this country. That is for sure!

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  2. marblene, it is a sanctimonious hippocritical and selfrighteous killing thing. It is like a lot of them. The old barbaric creatures with litthle compassion stuck in blaming and genocide. It will pay if there is a heavan or after life for its crimi al inhumanity . It does not see these people as syrians or iraqis or libyans or egyptians. People displaced by criminal wars, by the us and the ongoing climate change things.

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  3. This is a fake civil society openly led by serial killers like trump. They enjoy the blood fest the torture. Open concentration camps of women children elderly people dying of exposure in their monuments to baal. The demon killers are suking off the fear suffering and dying of most people now

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  4. Dr. Bramhall, my apologies for not showing respect to your blog. The following is merely my opinion:
    The United States is made up of human beings, all, like others from all other nations, very flawed people regardless of race or background. Most people want improvement on the condition of society, and President Trump is attempting to accomplish that, but he has much opposition, mainly from promoters of Globalism, a form of rule that will bring upon mankind the greatest tyranny possible. I wish the best for ALL who wish the same for all, including the United States of America.

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