Standardized Testing Battle in Seattle: Union votes for a complete moratorium on all standardized tests!

Study after study has revealed that these tests are a better measure of family income than aptitude. These tests measure resources and your proximity to the dominant culture, negatively impacting English Language Learners, special education students, students of color, and low income students.



I am bursting with pride for my union.

The Seattle Education Association voted at this week’s Representative Assembly to support a resolution calling for a moratorium on all standardized testing!  This vote comes in a long line of organizing and opposition to high-stakes testing in Seattle.

In 2013, the teachers at Garfield High School voted unanimously to refuse to administer the MAP test.  The boycott spread to several other schools in Seattle.  When the superintendent threatened the boycotting teachers with a 10 day suspension without pay, none of the teachers backed down.  At the end of the year, because of the overwhelming solidarity from parents, teachers, and students around the country, not only were no teachers disciplined, but the superintended announced that the MAP test would no longer be required for Seattle’s high schools.  In the subsequent years we have seen the movement continue to develop with Nathan Hale…

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2 thoughts on “Standardized Testing Battle in Seattle: Union votes for a complete moratorium on all standardized tests!

  1. Standardized rigorous testing was started by ds Bush, no child let ahead to systematically, destroy american education and educators. In Finland they work on each student to teach them.


  2. I love what I’ve seen of the Finish education system, Gloria. In high school, teachers have to try out to get students to choose their classes. And no home work. Yet Finland students have the highest achievement levels in the world.


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