What Trump Gets Wrong About Trade

What Donald Trump has always gotten wrong about U.S. trade policy and the damage it has caused Americans is that he blames foreigners for it. It’s his Democratic opponents who have sponsored international job-killing treaties like NAFTA, the WTO and TPPA.


Pick up a newspaper, turn on cable news — heck, even check out your Facebook feed — and you’re likely to hear dire warnings that Donald Trump is ruining the global economy.


Trump’s “Trade Heresies” are “repeating the mistakes of the Great Depression” and “Threaten Millions of Jobs,” scream headline after headline.

These apocalyptic stories, repeated hourly on CNN, seem to have convinced many liberals to start defending status quo trade policies that should rightly disgust them.

In the absence of any voices critiquing Trump’s trade practices from the left, liberal outrage about the president’s vulgar impropriety on the world stage is easily stoked. And to many, it’s obvious that someone who throws school-yard taunts at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not to be trusted on questions of international trade policy.

But, for Trump voters all this liberal anger is just more evidence that Trump is their guy.

It drowns out the reality that strong majorities of…

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