Truck Drivers Strike Across China


Truck drivers demand lower gas prices and no more police harassment

 By Scott Morgan,Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Truckers block road in protest (Screenshot from RFA YouTube video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Mass protests have erupted across 9 provinces and municipalities in China as truck drivers voice their anger over high costs, decreasing wages and police harassment.

Some truck drivers shouted “overthrow the CPC”, reports said.

The strike began on Thursday June 8 in Xiushui County (修水县), Jiangxi Province (江西省) and quickly spread to Shandong Province (山东省).

Truck drivers are angry about high gasoline prices, excessive highway tolls, changing government policies and police harassment.

The protesters demand lower gasoline prices, higher freight fees and a fair go from traffic police, who regularly harass and fine the truck drivers, reported Liberty Times.

Drivers also want better working conditions.




4 thoughts on “Truck Drivers Strike Across China

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