Pharmaceuticals vs. Natural Remedies – Who Are The Real “Quacks” and “Snake Oil” Salesmen?

The word “quack” as used today came from the German word for “quicksilver,” namely: “quecksilber” It is believed that American dentists shortened it to “quack” to describe the amalgam-hucksters. It’s sobering to realize that the original “quacks” were dentists who advocated the use of mercury amalgam

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So which is the “snake-oil,” the infatuated object of “quackery”? Synthetic chemicals excreted by a vast petrochemical-medical-industrial complex, and re-purposed and repackaged to the consumer as “medicines” at mark ups thousands of times higher than cost? Or, natural substances and organisms traditionally used as food-medicines, sometimes for thousands of years before the advent of modern, scientism- and drug-driven medicine?

Just for the record, I won’t be eating worms any time soon. But given the choice between a chemical, with no biological or evolutionary precedent in my body, and an earthworm or sip of actual snake oil, I will gladly choose the latter.

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6 thoughts on “Pharmaceuticals vs. Natural Remedies – Who Are The Real “Quacks” and “Snake Oil” Salesmen?

  1. John D. Rockefeller’s father, William, was a travelling “snake oil” cancer cure salesman, but the oil was not from a snake of course. I forget which one, maybe both, Mentholatum or Vicks VapoRub is/are from petroleum. Pardon my spelling and punctuation!!!
    Do you have an answer to 1642 – ?


      • Very good, congratulations! I don’t know what prize to award, how about a three-day stay at wherever you live now? Seriously, I do not know how much public discussion about Cromwell goes on in the Empire, but I do know that Charles I, son of James VI/I believed in the divine right of kings, and Charles I tried to carry it out. He was defeated by Cromwell and left for THE continent (there was only one in those days) where he could have lived a long, happy life. Instead, he decided to live a short miserable one, so he returned to break the peace and place the crown back on his head. Unfortunately for him he failed, was tried for and convicted of treason and wound up with no head on which to place his crown. Now, Cromwell was a Puritan but the English people missed the bear and bull baiting, theater, and other joys, some of which are found to this day in places such as the UK, Europe, Ireland, and Las Vegas. However, decades earlier, Puritans left for North America and established the greatest nation in history. In the early days, our founding fathers (the future does not belong to those who slander our founding fathers) knew The Protector well and established a form of government somewhat similar to his. By the way, John Adams declared Cromwell the greatest military genius since Caesar, the Julius one. He probably wrote that before he heard on Napoleon’s victories.


  2. The history of ghoulish-corporate mass murder and poisoning is amazing. Radium. Uranium, incredibly radioactive-alkali metal-radionuclides, tetraethyl lead, alkylating agents, agent orange. These are the post potent s that we have allowed them to dredged out and destroy life on earth. Like children playing with Radiothor, Red Devil Lye and Quicksilver, we will all die from it soon.


  3. Too true, Teri. It’s all a very sad commentary on so-called human progress. I believe things would have been far different if they had left the matriarchs in charge. Women have an instinctive sense about what’s good for their kids.


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