Nicaragua: The Role of Opposition NGOs, Paramilitaries and Organized Crime

Tortilla con Sal

Ever since April 23rd, legitimate peaceful demonstrations both for and against Nicaragua’s Sandinista government have taken place in the shadow of murderous violence and extortion by opposition paramilitaries allied with organized crime. To date over 110 people have been killed and over eleven hundred injured, the great majority government supporters, police officers or bystanders. But opposition media and human rights NGOs systematically misrepresent their paramilitaries’ murderous anti-democratic violence and falsely accuse the Sandinista government of unprovoked attacks and repression.

Even Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States has denounced the lies of Nicaragua’s political opposition. The OAS has declared support for Nicaragua recognizing the contribution of the government to a peaceful resolution of the current crisis. . .

via Nicaragua: Religion, Dialogue and Non-violence

6 thoughts on “Nicaragua: The Role of Opposition NGOs, Paramilitaries and Organized Crime

    “The fact is that, by a number of measures, Colombia has one of the worst human rights situations on earth, but you would never know this from watching the nightly news.

    First of all, Colombia has the largest number of people forcibly disappeared in all of the Americas – even more than all of the Southern Cone countries combined during the infamous ‘dirty war’ years – at over 60,000.

    In addition, Colombia has one of the largest internally displaced populations on earth at well over 7 million – second only to Syria. And, a disproportionate number of these internally displaced are indigenous and Afro-descendants.”


  2. Good reminder, Nick. The MSM loves to profile all the Venezuelans fleeing into Colombia owing to alleged food scarcity. When they face much worse from the pro-US Colombian government.


  3. I think that people who don’t live in Nicaragua, who are not HERE to actually see what REALLY happens and what have been happening decades ago, shouldn’t talk about something they don’t know.


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