CFR Member Openly Admits the Need For Propaganda To Direct American Thinking

The Council on Foreign Relations delivered an Orwellian presentation recently that unsurprisingly went unnoticed in the mainstream media, in which CFR’s Richard Stengel forwarded the notion that governments “have to” direct “propaganda” at their own domestic populations.

9 thoughts on “CFR Member Openly Admits the Need For Propaganda To Direct American Thinking

  1. Most agree, that the trump administration allowed massive cloud-seeding, and other technology to cool the southern United St
    tates, last fall, winter, and spring. This was generate cooler water in the Gulf of Mexico to try and slow down another massive insult of multiple Huricanes that destroyed a large part of south texas last year.

    FALL Winter, and spring there were a strange mist, cold rain, and much cooler temps fora that area . It was done along the gulf coast, to generate cooler water, and cooler temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico.

    There was a strange mist from arizona to florida with high particulates :fall , winter , spring.

    There was the stange mist .it was mostly overcast, much lower temperatures for that region, while is was 130 degerees in australia and the ice caps continued to melt.

    Noted colder. There were strange, higher particulates like silver iodide in Phoenix Salt lake , San Antonio, Dallas, Louisiana, Biloxi, Atlanta, and Pensecola.

    The iceage meme generated by spooks and climate deniars, was a cover meme for the massive geoengineering and chemical drop by Trump, NASA mic, chemical companies on hapless americans.

    Many people died from fibrosis, from the particulate insult. Abormally high rates of bronchial infebtions. . Many children inflicted with reactive airways disease, from recurrent, small particulate lung insult and mutiple lung infection.

    This is the trump-republican, New w
    World order! What a joke the liars and propagandists are.

    “Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas and Louisiana last August, causing $125 billion in damage, dumped more water out of the sky than any storm in U.S. history. By one calculation, roughly a million gallons fell for every person in Texas. The water rained down on a flat former bayou that had become a concrete and asphalt empire of more than 2.3 million people. Highways turned into rivers and shopping malls into lakes. As the water rose, people scrambled for safe refuge – into attics, onto rooftops and overpasses. A Texas game warden captured a nine-foot-long alligator in the dining room of a home near Lake Houston. Snakes swam into kitchens. A hawk flew into a taxicab and wouldn’t leave.
    As the deluge continued, tens of thousands of people fled – some in fishing boats down suburban streets, some in canoes, some on Jet Skis. Others risked a harrowing drive through water, fallen trees and swimming dogs. More than 30,000 people ended up in shelters. Thousands more headed up Interstate 45, toward Dallas, where parking lots at IHOPs and McDonalds were full of desperate people wondering how their suburban neighborhoods had turned into Waterworld. Many of them lived in their cars until the floods receded, and eventually returned to devastated homes.”


  2. Off topic but interesting. We are all brainwashed to think fluoride in toothpaste is safe. FLYING is so safeI told u how dangerous jet travel is deb. These celebrity: jet setters have committed long Flight postrefractory btd suicide: robbin williams, david carradine, anthony bourdain, the spade woman, guy from soundgarten.

    Its because of 1. Excessive . Tricresyl phosphate in passenger jet cabins. 2.Substantial increase of gamma and xray cosmic rads, from jets flying higher to save money on fuel 3. Much higher levels of radionuclide ions, small particulate nanoparticles in stratosphere now. 4. Very impaired immune system in large jet passenger cabins, and hyper exposure to pathogens. 5 Causes extreme jet lag and reticular hypermetabolic serotonin imbalance syndrome


  3. I think people in their 50s and up have less organ reserve. More vulnerable to toxic insult. All of these people, including anthony, had been on long haul transcontinental flights, close to their suicides.


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