Hotelier-in-Chief: Here Are the Trumps’ New Hotels

The Trump Organization has said it is moving ahead on 39 different deals for hotels around the country. But the company hasn’t said where the hotels will be or who the Trumps will be partnering with. ProPublica and Forbes have found details of six deals — the four with the Chawla family and one each in Dallas and St Louis.

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Hotelier-in-Chief: Here Are the Trumps’ New Hotels
by Derek Kravitz, ProPublica, Alan Huffman, special to ProPublica, and Matt Drange, Forbes July 18, 2017, 8 a.m. EDT

Last August, Mississippi’s governor introduced a local hotel developer to then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at a $1,000-per-plate private fundraiser in Jackson. The developer, Suresh Chawla, had long been a campaign donor to the governor, Phil Bryant.

At the fundraiser, Chawla told Donald Trump and his son, Donald Jr., about his latest project: a boutique hotel in Cleveland, Mississippi, the home of a new museum devoted to the Grammy Awards.

Donald Trump told Chawla to “think grand,” according to Chawla.

Two weeks later, Chawla donated $50,000, roughly half to Trump’s campaign and half to the Republican National Committee.

By March — two months into Trump’s presidency — Chawla and his brother were on the 26th floor of Trump Tower for…

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2 thoughts on “Hotelier-in-Chief: Here Are the Trumps’ New Hotels

  1. Great article. Fuko is having its nixom moment. Maybe some parts of the nigjtmare will end. The republicrats just rigged the primaries in california again. Very sad time for americans.


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