USA: Exporting Democracy Since 1948

NGOs are the Deep State’s Trojan Horse

James Corbett (2018)

Film Review

This is a documentary about CIA-funded nonprofit foundations (aka NGOs or Non-governmental Organizations) that pose as charities as they work to destabilize and/or overthrow governments unfriendly to Wall Street interests.

In the past decade a growing number of countries (including Kyrgyzstan, Russia, China, India, Egypt and Bolivia) have kicked them out.

President Kennedy created USAID (US Agency for International Development), which is run by the State Department, by executive order in 1961.

In 1983, President Reagan created NED (National Endowment for Democracy), the other big democracy manipulating foundation. The NED bankrolled Oliver North’s illegal arms sales to Iran during the Reagan presidency, the manipulation (and ousting of President Ortega) of Nicaragua’s 1990 elections, regime change in Bulgaria and Albania, attempted regime change in Armenia, (along with George Soros) all the “color” revolutions in Eastern Europe and the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions.

The NED and its sister organizations have been funding and training Syria’s rebels since 2006, including the notorious White Helmets – which were founded by former British intelligence agent James Le Mesurier.

10 thoughts on “USA: Exporting Democracy Since 1948

  1. There are plenty of other articles and youtubes and movies, about the CIA using NGOs to infiltrate other countries. Corbett is a strong fukushima denier. He uses his status as a rabblerouser and gadfly to disquise himself like a wold in sheeps clothing.

    The antinuclear movement is the most important force in the world now, to prevent short term and long term armageddon.

    In britain, their nuclear national security apparatus, has been successful in derailing antinuclear resistance, through thugery, government infiltration of the green party and massive information fraud.
    In japan i feel they do it by actual ballot box stuffing. They also use gross goverment repression through state secret acts, and expensive totalitarian, government misinformation and dysinformation tactics that coebett is a part of.
    After fukushima the spooks, nucleoapes, and greed freaks, have used a divide and conquer strategy using three different fronts in the United states:

    1. The blatant pronuclear paid shills Like rod adams and the new ones from australia

    2. The extreme conspiracy nuts, who pretend to be antinuclear. They divert, and try to disgrace valid antinucs, with every psychotic meme and rabbit hole possible. They will use blatant propaganda, like that chernobyl and fukushima, were not caused because reactors are inherently accident proned rube goldberg machines. Fukushima and chernobyl was caused by aliens, or a foreing govt with bombs on the reactors. When one cites valid antinuclear NGOs like Ballona and or Greenpeace articles to these people they will tell you you are full of it, because all NGOs are run reptillians or some other shit. Nevermind, that they have been around for years They have been the only active voices and forces against nuclear for years. The nukers even blewup a greenpeace ship for chrissakes! They will tell you things like, that geiger counter readings are not valid because the Queen controls all the geiger counters in the world! Some people still ask me, when I bring up fukushima, if I am a conspiracy nut.

    3. Then there are the ones, that claim nuclear reactors, nuclear warships, nuclear weapons are an idiological issue. This is galling, in light of the psychosis of nuclear bombs and nuclear war consequences.
    Like their rich oligarch heros, tinsoldier MIC heros and spook mentors, they will say that it is important to maintain some nuclear arsenal, to thwart those damned commies! They also claim that some nuclear power is essential, putting them in the same boat as the pronuke shills. They claim it is not the place of government to shut down nukes, because government regulation of industry is amoral. Then they will not stand against govt subsidization of nukes.
    It is ironic, that the same shitty governments that helped create the awful nuclear messes, are usually the only thing, with the resources to shut them down and, help cleanup the msess. Like in Germany.



    This is the awful state of reactors in japan. They continue to open flawed reactors. Fukushima is an ongoing international catastrophe. It is not close to being over. If more goes, no one knows what will happen. The real catastrophic damage of fukushima is heavily censored. No country can afford one of these disasters, much less 2 or 3.

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