8 thoughts on “Democratic Congressman: “Looks Like Zuckerberg Lied To Congress”

  1. The following excerpt is disturbing:

    “It’s like having door locks installed, only to find out that the locksmith also gave keys to all of his friends so they can come in and rifle through your stuff without having to ask you for permission,” said Ashkan Soltani, a research and privacy consultant and former chief technologist for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

    This situation, to me, is the true “Spygate”.

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  2. When MZ had fellow students at Harvard on his early version of Facebook, he called them “dumb f…s.” Has he changed that opinion for his present customers? Do those who use today’s shared data agree with him? Are they right about Facebook users or, when the victims realize what is being done and react, will MZ and friends have reasons to change their minds. Stay tuned, don’t touch that dial!

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    • I assume your questions are rhetorical, marblenecltr. Clearly MZ clearly regards Facebook users as “dumb fuckers.” I know Facebook users are departing in their hundreds of thousands – especially young people, who seem to prefer other social media sites.

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  3. Simple solution. Get off Facebook! It is not that important. What the hell did we do before the explosion of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, Google? Anybody know? JESUS CHRIST! I miss the time BEFORE the explosion of computers and security cameras and all of this hocus pocus bullshit came along because it is GOD to so many people to the point where people don’t even look up anymore to see where they are going, much less that there are real, live people right in their vicinity. Plus, our medical records were more secure when they were in a folder in our medical provider’s office. Now, the doc comes in with a laptop and as he is typing our medical info, someone else is viewing it. We have no privacy despite all of these privacy banners on our blogs and such. This has all gone beyond the point of ridiculous!


  4. From everything I read, Shelby, Zuckerburg deliberately employed (or his staff did) psychological techniques to addict people to Facebook. For many people, it’s clearly an addiction. I suppose that means telling people not to use it is like telling them not to use heroin or cocaine – or not to smoke.

    There are a number of websites now devoted to curing people of Facebook addiction. Here’s an example:


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