David Rockefeller: Billionaire Architect of Corporate Globalization, CIA Coups and US Resource Wars

The Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller

by James Corbett (2017)

Film Review

This is a documentary about the late David Rockefeller, billionaire architect of corporate globalization, international free trade treaties (eg TPPA) and most CIA coups and US resource wars of the late 20th century (eg the US war on Iraq). Activists have known for decades that the US is run by billionaire oligarchs – and not Congress and the President. However it’s only with the advent of the Internet and Information Age that we could start to identify who these oligarchs are and how they control our democratic institutions. As in other documentaries, James Corbett does an excellent job exposing these secret levers of power.

According to Corbett, David, the last grandson of oil tycoon J.D. Rockefeller to die (in 2017), principally exerted his influence through foreign leaders he befriended in his role as CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank and World War II military intelligence officer; through his membership in secret round table groups (eg the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group) that craft foreign policy for all so-called western democracies; the insertion of his high level errand boys (eg Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski) into every presidential administration from Lyndon Johnson on; and the the vigorous role played by Rockefeller-funded foundations, universities, think tanks and media outlets in shaping public opinion.

In 1973, Kissinger (under David’s interest) was instrumental in launching the 1973 CIA coup in Chile to protect Rockefeller mining interests. Via David’s leadership role in the Bilderberg Group, he played a principle role in instigating the 1973 oil embargo (which jacked up oil prices and Rockefeller oil profits, the formation of the Eurozone and the euro and the 2003 invasion Iraq.

The Trilateral Commission, which David and Brzezinski co-founded in 1973, has been largely credited for Carter’s selection as the 1976 Democratic candidate – and (thanks to fawning coverage in the corporate media) his ultimate election as president.

With his five billionaire brothers, David also played a key role in founding the United Nations in 1945 (on donated Rockefeller land). The latter was openly designated the “world capitol” in historical newsreels.

12 thoughts on “David Rockefeller: Billionaire Architect of Corporate Globalization, CIA Coups and US Resource Wars

  1. Couldn’t watch the PBS video, it was blocked. What Corbett reported was correct, but the family power goes back to the 1800’s. William Rockefeller, pre-robber baron, father to John D., Sr., and William, Jr., founders of Standard Oil. They had much company in the merry band of robber barons, and their ways continue today. However, the Americans were not alone, for the Rothschilds and other bankers played major parts in creating what we have today. Just for examples, they were responsible for imposing on us the Unconstitutional “Federal Reserve” Bank, and J. P. Morgan was but a front for the Rothschilds. Further, our foreign policy activities were coordinated with if not led by British power, getting us in to WW I, strongly influencing Woodrow Wilson, pushing for the League of Nations, using the Royal Institute for Foreign Affairs with our then created Council on Foreign Relations, and forces such as MI 6 and our CIA. And, wait, there is more! Much more on that interesting and important subject.

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  2. It is even worse now, so many vampire squids have themselves wrapped around us and the planet. They have to make money on their investments, to make their money have the appearance of being worth anything. They squeeze people dry. They are vesyed in worldwides MICs and, the worst kind of death!

    Trillions on nuclear reactors, nuclear bombs, nuclear trash. While america burns. While more people, are injured and become sick from it. While people work two jobs and, cannot pay rent. Where milions  of people work without shelter, or medical care. While future generations are permanently genetically damaged, from it. Where 75 % of all insects are gone. Where there are 170 million drinking radioactive water. Where LIFE IS BEING PERMANENTLY DESTROYED AND STERILIZED BY SO MUCH NUCLEAR POLLUTION AND WASTE!

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  3. watching the film i don’t get the sense that David was ruthless as Wall St.Skull & Bones Men Like Harrimens,Robert Lovett and Davisons as in John Davison Rockefeller. Those in Power over devastation caused in WW2 took no prisoners and there legacy brought us endless war and technology that created huge wealth for few.

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    • Anyone who is of a family that has been blessed with wealth and power above all others in the United States and then would turn on it and bring us down to poverty can be deemed ruthless. Read the second paragraph on page 405 of his “Memoirs.” The greatest nation in history, created by wisdom, honorable life when compared to that of other powers of the time, labor, and the blood of many fine men was turned on one promoting further wars and financial destruction. David Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations had for a publishing house a creation of Madam Blavatsky, once named after Lucifer, then named Lucis Trust. After the death of John D., Sr., the valet told David that of all his grandchildren, he was like him. He was behind the scenes, but many politically at the top feared him. I believe he abused his blessings and did not use his gifts as he should have.

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