‘Clinton & Obama conspired to weaponize US intelligence agencies for years’

“Team Clinton” and “Team Obama” have been “conspiring to weaponize the IRS, the Department of Justice, the CIA…etc,” to “punish enemies of their branch of the Democratic Party…”

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'Clinton & Obama conspired to weaponize US intelligence agencies for years' – RT's Crosstalk debates
As the ‘Russiagate’ investigation continues in Washington, despite zero evidence presented that Trump colluded with Moscow, RT’s Crosstalk guests have discussed collusion of another kind – that of US intelligence agencies.

Speaking during the show, hosted by Peter Lavelle, journalist H.A. Goodman noted that government agencies are going after US President Donald Trump despite the fact that he hasn’t actually been accused of a crime.

“They’ve investigated Trump without even accusing him of a specific crime,” he said, citing the differences between the current situation and investigations like Watergate and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server.

Republican strategist Christopher Neiweem also noted that the investigators are looking at things that “have nothing to do with the actual investigation.”

Meanwhile, private investor and writer Charles Ortel said that “Team…

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4 thoughts on “‘Clinton & Obama conspired to weaponize US intelligence agencies for years’

  1. The status quo establishment in America has us locked into perpetual war with untold mass global deaths and maiming and ever-increasing economic hardship for all humanity except for a tiny percentage of transnational elites.

    Saw this on the internet.

    Seeing fuko. Seeing his fambly in korea and israhell and with the kardashians plastered all over the internet in fatuous, centrist cia publications and at supermarkets.

    The bullshit russian mueller deal on CIA fox news, cia msnbc, cia huff shitpost and other unhygienic staus quo contrrolled outlets while kuko gets a 500 million bribe from the chinese and kushner a billion dollar bribe from the 911 saudies.

    Seeing the pure bile and lies on rightwing and rightwing racist sites and maga sites. All this while fuko gets 500 million from the chinese, nothing is done.

    America burns. Old people evicted from nursing homes. Kids mass murdered by white patriot assholes. Patriots and magas threaten you, if you have a differing opinion, are not a climate denier, dont like seeing guns in supermarkets. It all makes ya wanna vomit.


  2. Most people in america are really sick of hearing what obama or clinton did. That is all trump talks about, while he rapes america and screws up the world. Continuous wars in africa, afghan, syria, yemen, genociding palestinians, messing w veneula. Obama and clinton did suck. Need to get rid of trump now. All trumpo can talk about is obamy and hillry. It really suks. I am sick of it. Everyone is.


  3. Most people in america get it doc. College kids get it. They know that the democratic party is controlled. by what might as well be republicans. Paul Craig Roberts gets it. In some respects there are not even so many people in a position to be able to care.

    Young people with kids know, because their access to real healthcare is going to hell.

    Talk to college kids. They will tell you the people in the cities, who call themselves liberals, are not liberals at all. They are status quo rich, who do not want to change things, from the way they have been for 38 years. They will tell you that most of the people, who have enough time and money to do anything about politics anymore, are of the same ilk. They are rich corporatist republicans playing games. They are aware of the crapola.

    They do not give a shit about clinton or obamy, or fuko. They know it is all a snow job.


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