Is Monsanto going down like Big Tobacco?

Study released showing serious health effects in rats exposed to “safe dose” of Roundup.


Image: Is Monsanto going down like Big Tobacco? FAKE SCIENCE about to be exposed on a global scale

Monsanto is showing some clear signs that they’re getting nervous as their dishonest practices come significantly closer to being brought to light on a grand scale.

Last week, the peer-reviewed manuscripts of the pilot phase of a study known as the Global Glyphosate Study were revealed at a European Parliament press conference, and it’s all bad news for the maker of the world’s most popular glyphosate herbicide, Roundup.

In the short-term pilot study, glyphosate-based herbicides were shown to change some very important biological parameters in rats at exposure to the level set by the Environmental Protection agency as “safe” of 1.75 mg/kg per day. Some of the parameters that were altered relate to sexual development, the intestinal microbiome and genotoxicity. The papers will be published in the Environmental Health journal later this month.

One author of the report, Daniele Mandrioli, said that they found glyphosate in the gut…

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10 thoughts on “Is Monsanto going down like Big Tobacco?

  1. Does anyone have the comparative mortality figures between tobacco and Monsanto? I believe that Bayer could be included because of its merger with the “better life” people .


    • Excellent suggestion, marlenecltr. I’m willing to accept that everyone dies of something. It’s the long, lingering disabilities these substances cause that make life unlivable. As Gloria mentions below.


  2. So many in america have chronic illneses, directly related to poisons in the environment and home.

    Barbara Bush once commented, that the reason George W Bush had dyslexia, adhd and is such an ass , was because she drank and smoked, so much before he was born, while she was carrying him.

    The tobacco companies use, the same playbook for smoking, that nuclearpower psychopaths hijacked for radionuclides. Nuclear creeps, even use tobacco lawyers to defend the massive poisoning of the environment with radionuclides, that is going on!

    Monsanto and roundup will do the same thing, pour tens of millions into crooked lawyers and politicians pockets!

    Dark times, dark consequences, and the chickens are coming home to roost for humanity.

    People who do not like roundup, or radium in their water, arsenic in their chicken, clopyrifos in their food, better wake up!

    Is it ayn rand worship, which means worshipping corporate psychopath monsanto executives and the 1% or less chance of dying painful, horrible, early deaths from cancer, premature dementia, and other awful deaths for them and their children.

    Ayn Rand by the way was a total CIA construct and the CIA is an objectivist construct. This things philosphy is a core of the neoliberal philosophy used by the CIA to topple regimes around the world, and poison america to death!

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    • Wow Gloria, I never had any idea Ayn Rand was linked with the CIA. It makes perfect sense though. I recently read that life expectancy has started to fall in the US. I expect it will keep on falling. Smoking and toxic exposures cause epigenetic effects (changes in gene expression) that carry on through generations.


    • Good comments, especially the mention of money, a curse to the administration of governance worldwide. If the NWO takes over, the results will be brutal, for their will be complete control over all humanity held by a very few dictators who will have become absolutely corrupt. What to do? Term limits will not solve the problem, but public funding of campaigns will when properly applied. No other funding should be allowed, no benefits, sinecures, etc. Public thought and discussion on this will be most beneficial, and I will add to it soon.


  3. I believe that most of Europe has banned Monsanto but of course, America being the land of ‘Corporations are People’, I should know better than to expect that to happen here. Even though many Americans are fed up with Monsanto and have been extremely vocal about it to the point that many companies are now placing on their food labels, “Non-GMO,” we still need to see the end of Monsanto’s reign and Roundup has got to go even if it’s too late thanks to the fact that the soil is contaminated to the point that it is saturated with toxins from Roundup.


  4. It’s really tragic, in a way, for ordinary Americans, Shelby. The so-called land of the free is really the least free of them all. Hemp is supposed to be really good for cleaning up contaminated soil (even radioactive contamination). However I’m still trying to find someone to explain what you do with the hemp once the soil is clean.

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  5. Common complaints about public funding almost always include outrage over having one’s money used for the campaign of a.candidate or party one dislikes. Okay, let’s say $100 a year per taxpayer is involved, it will actually be less. Now look at what our present methods involve. At the start of the NWO Bush management of the Reagan incumbency, the United States was the world’s largest creditor nation; eight years later, substitute creditor with debtor. The national debt today exceeds $21 trillion, owed to NWO bankers and countries we made rich by shipping our factories to them at our (taxpayers) expense. Goodbye to that revenue stream. The holders of our debt are looking forward to owning our country and us. And we have been at unnecessary wars ever since the start of the Johnson administration.
    How is that working for us?


      • I think I know what you have in mind, but it would require a lot of study to work through the consequences. Another good idea, put a small tax on every stock trade; there are so many of them because of automated and constant trades, the revenue would be substantial. Yes, we must print our own money. Part of the reason President Kennedy was murdered was because he started to do that. At that time, the Secret Service was under the direction of the Treasury Department, and the Secretary was C. Douglas Dillon. That was just part of the puzzle, it is not saying that CDD was directly involved, but there were gross failures in protection of JFK.


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