9 thoughts on “Non-GM successes: Introduction

  1. Pretty sure the thing with the lions head, called Gordon is a spook. Have argued with it on other forums. Makes outrageous turns back and forth. Deninitely more pro-rich pro-neofeudal, than it comes off as here.

    Seems like The Mercers, kochs, perhaps deep state funneled a lot of money to altright sites, 2 years before trump election through bannon and others.

    Sad, because Trump and probably Putin, do not care about the larger portions of the costituencies the are truly beholden to the oligarcjs, the zionist, the bankers, they claim they are working against. It is all a game, and we are all being played.


      • John galt was a captain of industry from ayn rand. Like the ceos of monsanto we are to worship them! The author of this article worships the criminal john galts of this world! Ayn Rand Fantasy land and fascism, neofeudalism or whatever you want to call it. Objectivism has little to do with civil libertarianism. It has everything to to with the growing insane, corporate-police state that has no shame or, bounds. It embodies the insanity and schizophrenic psychosis of current american politics
        1. All evil people are unattractive; all good and trustworthy people are handsome.

        The first and most important we learn from Atlas Shrugged is that you can tell good and bad people apart at a glance. All the villains — the “looters,” in Rand’s terminology — are rotund, fleshy and sweaty, with receding hairlines, sagging jowls and floppy limbs, while her millionaire industrialist heroes are portraits of steely determination, with sharp chins and angular features like people in a Cubist painting. Nearly all of them are conspicuously Aryan. Here’s a typical example, the steel magnate Hank Rearden:
        2. The mark of a great businessman is that he sneers at the idea of public safety.
        You can see this in pruitts increase of allowable radiation levels in water by 400%

        3. Bad guys get their way through democracy; good guys get their way through violence
        When the government passes new regulations on his rail shipping that will harm her billionaire 1% protagonist in her book, he retaliates by spitefully blowing up his oil fields, poisoning the land and water for months. But as far as Rand sees it, no vengeance is too harsh for people who commit the terrible crime of interfering with the right of the rich to make more money.

        4. The government has never invented anything or done any good for anyone.

        Of course, in the real world, only minor trifles, like radar, space flight, nuclear power, GPS, computers, and the Internet were brought about by government research
        5. Violent jealousy and degradation are signs of true love.
        Ayn Rand worshiped and loved a serail killer.
        6. All natural resources are limitless.
        If you pay close attention to Atlas Shrugged, you’ll learn that there will always be more land to homestead, more trees to cut, more coal to mine, more fossil fuels to drill. There’s never a need for conservation, recycling, or that dreaded word, “sustainability.” All environmental laws, just like all safety regulations, are invented by government bureaucrats explicitly for the purpose of punishing and destroying successful businessmen.

        One of the heroes of part I is the tycoon Ellis Wyatt, who’s invented an unspecified new technology that allows him to reopen oil wells thought to be tapped out, unlocking what Rand calls an “unlimited supply” of oil.

        7. Pollution and advertisements are beautiful; pristine wilderness is ugly and useless.
        Rand was enamored of petroleum products, and at one point, she describes New York City as cradled in “sacred fires” from the smokestacks and heavy industrial plants that surround it. It never seems to occur to her that soot and smog cause anything other than pretty sunsets, and no one in Atlas Shrugged gets asthma, much less lung cancer.
        By contrast, Rand informs us that pristine natural habitat is worthless unless it’s plastered with ads and billboard.

        8. Crime doesn’t exist, even in areas of extreme poverty. That is because the poor and antisocials are locked away in private prisons like th 3 or 4 million in murica today.
        9. The only thing that matters in life is money. Rich people are more valuable than poor people. Mercer,who financed trump says he is 50,000 times more valuable than anyone else which gives him the excuse for criminally fleecing pension funds on walstreet. It also wllows him to committ wholesale bribery, corruption and treason by turning american democracy on its head with dark money for corruption, manipulation schemes and mass lies
        10. Smoking is good for you.

        Almost all of Rand’s heroes smoke, and not just for pleasure. In one minor scene, a cigarette vendor tells Dagny that smoking is heroic, even rationally obligatory:

        “I like cigarettes, Miss Taggart. I like to think of fire held in a man’s hand. Fire, a dangerous force, tamed at his fingertips … When a man thinks, there is a spot of fire alive in his mind — and it is proper that he should have the burning point of a cigarette as his one expression.”


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