Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption?

The deep water injection undertaken at Hawaii’s Puna Geothermal Venture has already been shown to induce earthquakes and similar seismic activity.

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Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption?

by Jon Rappoport

May 22, 2018

On the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano has explosively erupted, there is a geothermal energy plant. It is the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) Plant, in Puna.

There is a long-running debate about whether PGV is fracking. The debate may be a matter of terminology, because in the geothermal process, as hawaiifracking.com reports, “…the drilling and the injection of cold water into hot rocks used in geothermal energy plants does fracture the rocks, which can induce earthquakes and through contamination of the atmosphere and water tables can affect our health and safety.”

Whether deep injection of fluid aims to capture oil, gas, or heat (geothermal), the beginning stage of the process is the same.

Earthquakes induced by this water-injection could obviously trigger a volcano.

For example, here is an alarming article about a geothermal project…

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10 thoughts on “Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption?

  1. What idiot thought it was a good idea to build a geothermal plant on an active volcano? I mean…what could possibly go wrong? No sane person stood up and said, “Whoa! Hold up! Wait a minute! This just ain’t a good idea! Geothermal plant meet erupting volcano and we can all kiss our ass goodbye!” I don’t think a person would have to be a nuclear or rocket scientist to be able to figure out that this was just not a great idea.

    And at first, the news media was trying to reassure everyone that it was safe to vacation in Hawaii. Ha! Now, businesses are offering 30% off hotel rooms, not to mention, the cancellations are coming in daily all the way through September. Tourism is Hawaii’s main source of revenue and without that, the pissing and moaning has begun. Is this a case of “Paradise Lost?”

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  2. This guy is not a hydrologist. Has no science background. Does not know the difference between, inflammation and the immune system. Now it is an expert on Hawiian hydrology. Sounds like a propaganda piece. For what, who knows. Maybe sensationalism, to appease the cult.There is volcanic activity, on volcanic islands. Usually eruptions occur from pressure, on magma far below the crust.


  3. To be fair, Hamby, he only raises the questions – he doesn’t make any claims. Studies linking fracking and earthquakes are well-established open source material – as is the science linking earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other perturbations of the earth’s crust. There’s no law against asking the question – was this a good idea without a thorough understanding of the science?


  4. Good points Dr.. Fracking sucks! Geothermal is preferable to, coal, gas nuclear. Perhaps there is another way to do it. Lord knows, they need as much renewable as possible! Especially in Hawaii.

    There was a time in america in the early twentieth century to th 40s, where many small, isolated-towns, had there own small hydro-power dams, generating electricity. Greedy companies want more centralized power, so they can monopolize. Coordinated, smaller-scale renewables is a very good plan.


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