1947-1948: Brits Look On as Jewish Terrorists Ransack 274 Palestinian Villages

Al-Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe Part 3

Al Jazeera (2013)

Film Review

Once the UK announced its intention (in February 1947 – see 1947: British Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine ) to end its occupation, the UN Security Council voted to partition Palestine –  granting 56% of country to Jewish settlers (who represented 5.5% of the population) and 44% to the indigenous Arabs (who comprised 94.5% of the population). There is documentary evidence that the Truman administration used a combination of bribery and “pressure” (unfavorable aid or trade consequences) to swing the UN vote in favor of partition.

By 1947 the combined forces of the Jewish paramilitary (terrorist) groups had reached 40,000 and begun a campaign of systematic ethnic cleansing (which paramilitary leader and future prime minister David Ben-Gurion documents in his diary). By May 14, 1948, the day British troops withdrew from Palestine, half of the country’s 548 villages had already been evacuated and taken over by Jewish terrorists.

Jewish paramilitary forces typically employed a strategy of shelling Palestinian cities and villages from three sides, while leaving an single open corridor for civilians to flee. Any Palestinians who stayed to defend their homes were slaughtered or transferred to detention camps. British troops and police looked on without intervening.

In several instances Jewish terrorist forces imitated their Nazi persecutors in Europe by forcing Palestinians to dig their own mass graves before shooting them.

The remaining Palestinian resistance desperately sought assistance from Arab League nations in defending their homeland. Surrounding Arab countries amassed roughly 24,000 troops to defend Palestine. In addition to being poorly equipped and trained,* they had no unified command. Jordan, the only country with a strong, well-equipped military, made a secret deal with the Jewish forces not to support the Palestinians.

In contrast, Palestine’s Greek orthodox churches assisted by offering sanctuary to both Christian and Muslim Palestinians fleeing Jewish violence. The Jewish gangs, refusing to honor the age-old custom of sacred spaces and sanctuary, responded by seizing and killing teenager Palestinians until the adults agreed to surrender.

*When British troops marched out of Palestine, they left nearly all their heavy military equipment behind for the use of of the Jewish paramilitaries.

11 thoughts on “1947-1948: Brits Look On as Jewish Terrorists Ransack 274 Palestinian Villages

  1. Improper presentation of history. Look into the Hebron Massacre, June 1929. The “fair-minded neutral” Brits disarmed the Jews and informed the Muslims of their fearlessness against the Arabs (who were allowed to keep their firearms. Well before there was a State of Israel. During the previous decades, Jews frame back to their land and made a neglected hand desolate environment. Swamps drained, malaria defeated, productivity in farms, orchards, vineyards, and factories arrived, all at the sacrifices of Jews who subsequently brought democracy and civilization to a small part of a large backwards land.


    • The fifth word of the third line was typed and should be, “defenselessness”; the fifth word of the fifth line, “came”.


  2. Continued: the United Nations accepted Israel as a state, but Muslims following the hatred in chapters eight and nine of the Qur’an and elsewhere quickly went to war against a nearly defenseless Israel. The British in charge were no friends of the Jews and wouldn’t have willingly armed them. Further, part of the agreements made by Israel included acceptance of others of Islamic faith with the guarantee of the rights equal to those held by Jewish Israelis. Today, Muslim Arabs are elected to and hold office in Israeli government. In fact, Muslims had much more freedom and prosperity and medical attention (still provided) than given in any Islamic country. Given Jewish history of the immediate and distant past, Israel has behaved in a most restrained manner. Remember Arafat and the bombing of busses? Broken agreements? Artillery and rocket fire from the Golan Heights and Gaza? The solicitude for those who were given Gaza, including the care to save all that the Jews turned over? To be rewarded with rocket fire against. civilians. Please consider what Muslims have done and are now doing against ALL who are not Muslim of the acceptable belief (Sunni, Shiite, Sufi, Alowite,…)


    • Not sure what you’re using as your sources, marblenecltr. The filmmaker is very clear about her sources, including David ben Gurion’s diary, in which he acknowledges most of the history she presents of the activities of the Stern Gang. I think it would help a lot to see Israeli documents (as opposed to propaganda) on this period of history – but the current Israeli government refuses to declassify these early documents.


  3. Why would a republican zionist want to learn anything about real history? Too bad. The article is a non-biased chronicle, of what really happened. There is a blatant genocide based on race occuring right now. Fist the zionist claimed they were not a race now they do. Why involve other clunties in a genocide and set of a regional war? Republicans are very good with revisionist history. Trump promised it would not interfere. It is sickening, to see women and children genocided. Americans are taxed to fund the genocide


    • Thanks for your comment, Teri. Just to clarify, I’m not presenting my own ideas here – I’m just trying to summarize what the film presents. I hope people will watch the film for themselves to see if the evidence the filmmaker presents is convincing. In my view, it is.


    • You present errors in your very first sentence; for example, I a m not a Republican. Further, Democrats, Republicans, and others hold both opinions of agreement and difference on these matters. ” Read history?” Most of what I wrote was in my lifetime and called current events. The rest of the information is from reporters of that time and place. Please go to Bing, Google, etc., for confirmation or denial. Genocide? Self-defense is not genocide, especially restrained. Compare that to the deaths of tens of thousands in Black September (1970) and beyond that began with the PLO attack on Jordan. Arafat was driven out and fled to Lebanon, a prosperous and peaceful country, the Paris of the Mideast, which he ruined. Then to Tunisia and back to Israel for continued terrorism. But Israel did not fall, it will continue in ways of humanitarian and civilized life, ways shared by many respectable Muslims but sometimes denied to them. Americans are taxed to advance work for peace and advance civilization, and our costs come in many ways. Please go to internet or library sources for more understanding, verification, and contradiction.


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