There’s absolutely NO sound science backing the assumption that vaccination during pregnancy is safe

Ask your doctor to show you the research that shows you vaccines have been thoroughly study in pregnant women – he/she can’t because they haven’t.

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Having heard recently of NZ GPs advising pregnant mothers to vaccinate I’m posting this for you to consider. Ask your Doctor to show you the research that tells you it’s been tested thoroughly on pregnant women. It would seem there will be little if anything to show you. You may be the guinea pig perhaps. This article is from an Dr Mercola’s website. From the article:

Drug companies did not test the safety and effectiveness of giving influenza or Tdap vaccine to pregnant women before the vaccines were licensed in the U.S

Check it out for yourself.

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  • In decades past, women were as a general rule told to avoid toxic exposures during pregnancy, such as cigarette smoke, alcohol, household cleaning products, radiation, medications and other toxic exposures
  • Today, pregnant women face a set of difficult questions and choices about keeping themselves and their babies healthy, as they’re…

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8 thoughts on “There’s absolutely NO sound science backing the assumption that vaccination during pregnancy is safe

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  2. Neither is flying, x-rays, cat scans. Not a good idea. I do not even know, if there are so meny teratogenicity studies. Billionth of a gram lanthanides, uranics, transuranics can cause bith defects and miscarriages. America is an industrial and nuclear dumping ground. One of the worst chemicals in airplanes rides is tricresyl phosphate. It is organophosphate poison. Along with cosmic rays and other high altitude toxins, it is one of the worse. Sorry to use wikipedia. Good article

    Safety Edit

    TCP is used as an additive in turbine engine oil and can potentially get into an airliner cabin via a bleed air “fume event”. Aerotoxic syndrome is the name given to the alleged health ill effects (with symptoms including memory loss, depression and schizophrenia) caused by exposure to engine chemicals although UK industry-funded studies have not yet made a link between TCP and longterm health issues.[4] The most dangerous isomers are considered to be those containing ortho isomers, such as tri-ortho-cresyl phosphate, TOCP. The World Health Organisation stated in 1990 that “Because of considerable variation among individuals in sensitivity to TOCP, it is not possible to establish a safe level of exposure” and “TOCP are therefore considered major hazards to human health.”[5] Therefore, strenuous efforts have been made to reduce the content of the ortho isomers in commercial TCP if there is a risk of human exposure.[6] Researchers at the University of Washington found that non-ortho TCP isomers present in synthetic jet engine oils do inhibit certain enzymes.[7]

    TCP is combustible, although less so than typical organic compounds.

    Toxicity Edit
    Of the three tricresyl phosphate isomers, only the ortho isomer demonstrates high toxicity. The toxicity is due to a metabolite, 2-(ortho-cresyl)-4H-1,3,2-benzodioxaphosphoran-2-one (CBDP), which is an irreversible inhibitor of human butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) and human acetylcholinesterase (AChE). CBDP ultimately binds to the BChE and AChE at a serine residue in the active site after two consecutive dealkyalation reactions (aging). Though CBDP readily inhibits BChE and AChE, BChE has a sensitivity to CBDP that is nearly one order of magnitude greater than that of AChE.[8] The inhibition of cholinesterases causes a build up in cholines that would have been broken down by the esterase. The build up of cholines causes an overactivity of neurons, ultimately causing them to function abnormally, or not at all.

    Symptoms Edit
    Tri-o-cresyl phosphate poisoning is characterized by numbness of the legs and hands accompanied by weakness or paralysis of these regions


  3. Win, win! Herd management through dumbing down, depopulation through early death! Of course, there is a lose, lose! side to this, but, hey life isn’t fair, okay? Stop complaining. (Sarc.)


    • We don’t have free market capitalism, we have major corporation/central banking control by a few. One of the American fathers of our present conditions, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., said, “Competition is sin.” Fits in nicely with feudalism, Marxism, Fascism, and Nazi rule. David Rockefeller favored Marxism and promoted the export of our industrial base to China, land of Marxism under Mao’s control. Ideal source of cheap labor with controls applying only to the laborers. There was help from the Rothschilds and British and Dutch Royals throughout, including British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell, the cause for our present troubles with Iran. We may not be aware of the overthrow of Mossadegh, dedicated in opposition to the USSR, but the Iranians know. Now it is fighting for petroleum rule. Again, it is not just American, it is human when a few receive absolute power and become absolutely corrupted.


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