Vitamin C deficiency discovered in critically ill patients

With all the recent research into Vit C, I find it alarming that GPs aren’t routinely recommending Vit C supplements (recommended daily dose is 2,000 over 65) for their elderly patients.

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On the whole, 68 percent of the critically ill patients had low vitamin C status, or hypovitaminosis – defined as less than 23 micromoles per liter. And – with under 11 micromoles per liter – 32 percent were characterized as vitamin C deficient.

The team found that vitamin C levels were significantly lower in septic shock patients than non-septic patients. Nearly 40 percent of the septic shock patients had low levels of vitamin C, compared with 25 percent of the non-septic patients.

The patients suffering from sepsis also had higher levels of inflammation than non-septic patients – showing more than double the amount of C-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker. Higher levels of C-reactive protein are associated with a higher incidence of organ failure and death.

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2 thoughts on “Vitamin C deficiency discovered in critically ill patients

  1. I don’t know how Americans expect to get much needed vitamins from chicken McNuggets, Whoppers, Big Macs, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Chick-fil-A, hot dogs and french fries. Also, fresh fruit at the grocery store is becoming a luxury item due to the price. Many people need to try and supplement their nutritional needs by buying vitamins and hope that helps.

    Folks just don’t have the money to buy healthier, more nutritious foods because of stagnate wages and high rents and western doctors are not what they should be in even recommending that their patients at least try and obtain cheap vitamin supplements. Some can be found at dollar stores, but I don’t know how effective they are.

    And if you look into the mouths of many Americans, you’d most likely see a mouth that has been devastated, partly, due to a lack of vitamin C. I do believe that scurvy is a huge problem in America when it should quite actually be, unheard of.

    Americans aren’t doing good at all, Dr. Bramhall. And that is an understatement!


  2. What you describe is incredibly tragic, When I was in the US, I campaigned for years to get Medicaid to cover vitamin prescriptions. Shelby. When nutritional status falls to the level that people are getting scurvy, infectious epidemics aren’t far behind. Wealthy people who continue to campaign for more tax cuts and social service cuts delude themselves in thinking vaccination will protect them. Thanks for your comment telling it how it is (as usual).

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