The US Is Definitely “Meddling” In The Venezuelan Election

US sanctions are taking a punishing toll on the Venezuelan people, causing many deaths. Sanctions are designed, in Richard Nixon’s blood-curdling words, to “make the economy scream” so that the people will abandon their democratically elected government for one vetted by the U.S.

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Authored by Roger Harris via,

As Venezuelans go to the polls today, the U.S. is working to disrupt the re-election of Nicolas Maduro and rollback left-wing governments in the region…

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is the frontrunner in the presidential elections that will take place today. If past pronouncements and practice by the United States are any indication, every effort will be made to oust an avowed socialist from the the U.S. “backyard.”

This week, the leftist president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, tweeted:

“Before the elections they (U.S. and allies) will carry out violent actions supported by the media and after the elections they will try a military invasion with Armed Forces from neighboring countries.”

U.S. antipathy towards the Venezuelan government started with the election of Hugo Chávez in 1998, followed by a brief and unsuccessful U.S.-backed coup in 2002. Chávez made the magnanimous, but politically imprudent, gesture…

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11 thoughts on “The US Is Definitely “Meddling” In The Venezuelan Election

  1. It is already extremely sad what the people of Venezuela are already going through, what with hardly any food on the shelves of most grocery stores and the lines for taking out any money at banks are blocks long and usually end with the closing of the bank for the day before many can even take out any money at all to even attempt a trip to the grocery store and yet, here in America, we may have food on the shelves, but the people just simply cannot afford the price. Thankfully, here, we still have food banks and food shelves to help out with this, but how long will it be before this help is exhausted thanks to an ever growing demand for food supplements as food stamps are cut yet again?

    In fact, Walmart is even giving up on low-income shoppers in some areas as it has announced that it will start catering to upscale shoppers.

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    • You have an excellent point, Shelby. It’s extremely hypocritical for Trump and the State Department to focus on suffering in Venezuela (which is largely the result of US sanctions) while ignoring the massive suffering Trump’s policies are inflicting on the US.

      What isn’t being reported in the corporate media is that the so-called “opposition” in Venezuela is largely led by fascist gangs and lynch mobs, who shoot (or lynch) reporters who try to report on what’s really going on. They kill far more people than the Maduro government. I heard a talk by Abby Martin last night how she was targeted by a lynch mob for visiting Venezuela and reporting on this – and how one member of her Telesur crew was shot in the back. Here’s a link if you want to have a listen – it’s in the second half of her talk (you can advance it by 5 minutes at a time).

      Click on the very first program – Mind over Matters

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  2. Shelby does not talk about the 10 million homeless or 23% unemployment in murica. The chemical and radioactive sewer. The genocide of palesitinains by fuko , who promised not to interfere in other countries like venezuela.


  3. “Sanctions are designed, in Richard Nixon’s blood-curdling words, to “make the economy scream” so that the people will abandon their democratically elected government for one vetted by the U.S.”
    Did Tricky Dicky say that? For sure it’s an ongoing strategy of the establishment power elite to maintain control by economic weaponry. Fortunately some emerging states are beginning to band together to oppose the power of the Yankee dollar!


  4. Nations divided within and among themselves are easier to control and exploit. Destabilization of nations is becoming the new norm. Unwanted refugees – criminalized as “animals” or “worse than animals” – are marginalized in limbo.


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