Supreme Court Issues Stunning New Trial for Non-Vaccinating Parents

Huge victory for parental rights movement.

Truth To Power

This Is A Huge Win For Parental Rights Everywhere.

The Supreme Court of Canada sent a shocking decision down the pipe this past week when it issued orders for a new trial for the parents of Ezekiel Stephen. David and Collet Stephan, following their son’s passing, were convicted of  “failing to provide the necessaries of life.” Those “necessaries,” as it turns out, are vaccinations. The conviction was a setback for parental rights in the country. The new trial is a hopeful light at the end of what’s been a gloomy tunnel.

The high court justices used only a few minutes to reach their decision, issuing the orders on May 15, 2018. Chief Justice Richard Wagner expedited the decision so as not to hold the process any longer than need be. Wagner stated that it was “appropriate to release the decision as soon as possible.”

This will toss out the old convictions and allow for…

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2 thoughts on “Supreme Court Issues Stunning New Trial for Non-Vaccinating Parents

  1. Anyone who works in hospitals, anywhere in the world, would take a risk to get vaccinated aginst hepatitis c, aids, hepatits b or any bloodborne organism. Not all vaccines are bad. People are not forced to get hepatits B vaccine. It is expensive. It takes 2 stages. Some vaccines are terrible. Most pharmaceuticals border on quakery. Ignorance is no excuse for keeping people who have help thers , and saved life, safe in their livlihoods.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Tammy. My impression is that the toxoid vaccines (against tetanus toxin, diptheria toxin) may have some value. But clearly there is way too little research into long term risks – especially when vaccines are given in combination.


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