Meet Noam Chomsky: Academic Gatekeeper

Meet Noam Chomsky: Academic Gatekeeper

James Corbett (2012)

Film Review

This documentary explores prominent dissident Noam Chomsky’s peculiarly pro-corporate neoliberal positions on the Federal Reserve, the JFK assassination and 9-11.

Using archival footage of Chomsky presentations, Corbett begins by outlining issues in which he (and most of the activist community) share Chomsky’s political views.

  • Obama was for worse (ie anti-democratic) than Bush.
  • Drone strikes are terror weapons.
  • Bush merely tortured people, Obama assassinated them without trial.
  • The military Industrial Complex only survives thanks to corporate welfare.
  • The ruling elite exerts control over the US population mainly via propaganda and indoctrination.

Corbett continues by examining other areas of activist concern that Chomsky totally refuses to address – specifically the Federal Reserve and the role of private banks in money creation, the JFK assassination and government insider involvement in 9-11.

Corbett, like many of us, finds the arguments Chomsky advances on these issues totally irrational and contradictory.

For example, it’s totally mystifying to hear an “anarcho-syndicalist” like Chomsky sing the praises of private central banks and their control of money creation.

In contrast, his dismissal of any “conspiracy” in the JFK assassination seems to be based on a deliberate lie. He claims to have never “looked at” any of the evidence. A prominent JFK researcher disputes, based on a four-hour face-to-face meeting during which he shared a selection of assassination research with Chomsky.

Chomsky’s dismissal of insider involvement in 9-11 is just plain bizarre. His disingenuous claim that the 9-11 Trust movement is made up of non-activists who have spent an hour studying physics, architecture and engineering on the Internet is a slap in the face to the over 2,500 professional architects and engineers who make up Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth. As his claim that the 9-11 Truth movement diverts attention from “more serious activism.”

In 2018, Chomsky further solidified is neoliberal credentials with his call for US military involvement in Syria: Chomsky Among Progressives Calling for US Intervention in Syria

Caveat: Several readers have cautioned me that Corbett himself (a prominent climate denier) may also be controlled opposition. In this case, I think his analysis of Chomsky’s neoliberal contradictions are spot on.


12 thoughts on “Meet Noam Chomsky: Academic Gatekeeper

  1. “Caveat: Several readers have cautioned me that Corbett himself (a prominent climate denier) may also be controlled opposition.”

    i wouldnt bother about them. Theyre probably controlled opposition themselves. I would not describe Corbett as a climate denier. As long as the people concocting the data do not take geoengineering into account in their calculations they have far less credibility than Corbett. I want to curse here, but I wont.


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  3. I know how scummy most so-called, developed nations are. Their psychopathic politicians, are funded by psychopathic oligarchs.

    I do not doubt that they would do f-ed-up, massive, spreading of some chemical or metal, in the atmosphere, to affect weather. Especially a bastard like Bill Gates.

    The problem is, I have lived on the East Coast, the Gulf, Alaska, the West Coast. I have looked hard far and wide for chemtrails, and jets doing the massive cloud seeding or attempting anything like geoengineering. I have never seen any chemtrails in progress or afterwords.

    It would be very stupid though, considering, it would take millions to billions of gallons of jet-fuel to do it.

    It would, in the long term counteract, most of any benefit from seeding or some goofy experiments in geo-engineering, from all the CO2, the jets doing it, would put out.

    It would take, an evil monkey with a seriously pathological aspect to its repitillian brain to do it, like most nuclearists and military types, have. Their psychopathy borders on psychotic.

    If they are doing geoengineering, it pales in comparison to how badly the world is being massively,contaminated by radionuclides. Radionuclides are a billion times more toxic, than the most poisonous, chemicals and heavy metals known to hu-mans


  4. I’m inclined to agree with you on the chemtrails issue, Doug. It’s my impression it’s pretty much in the experimental stage at the moment and basic industrial pollution (including ionizing radiation) has much more influence on environmental degradation and human health.


  5. Actually I have only seen chemtrails twice in the 7 years I’ve been aware of them – of course, living in rural New Zealand I wouldn’t expect to have much opportunity to see them.


  6. Where do you guys live? Chemtrails are ubiquitous here. There is a large amount of info and videos on the web. I can point you to some sites. The idea that they are experimental and infrequent or contrails is disinfo. Wae up and smell the ecocide.


  7. The web is full of a lot of propaganda, disinformation, misinformation, rabbit holes. The governments does suck. Nuclear sucks. I have lived to see the death and damage. I have seen it professionally. I have the gamma scintillometer and polimaster devices, to know it is there. I see what has happened in ukraine, the US, Japan cancer clusters, birth defects, people and life, wiped out.

    I have lived on the east coast, west, coast, gulf coast as said. Have seen no chemtrails. I have looked hard and wide. I care about nuclear, and trump, and insane fundamentallist christians torturing innocents , preaching selfullfilling prophesies of nuclear war and creating ecological doom. I care about islands of garbage and plastic, the size of texas in the ocean, dude. Dont tell me to wake, up. U just sound like another sideshow bob. It sounds like u have an agenda


  8. Alan, I’ve had problems with Chomsky since 1993, when a JFK assassination researcher friend shared his detailed correspondence with Chomsky. Chomsky’s claim he has never seen the evidence is a blatant lie.


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