Awareness Is Working: WHO To Eliminate Trans-Fatty Acids From The Global Food Supply

One of many examples showing positive events are taking place and people are changing. We are shifting towards less chemicals, not only in our food, but in our water, cleaning, cosmetic products, we are choosing organic, saying no to GMO’s, even banning pesticide use. We are heading in the right direction

7 thoughts on “Awareness Is Working: WHO To Eliminate Trans-Fatty Acids From The Global Food Supply

    • Excellent point, JB. I have the sense that most of the change referred to in the article is being undertaken by people who are reasonably well off. In my experience low income people, who are living paycheck to paycheck, are more worried about keeping a roof over their head. For them living a healthy lifestyle is either too expensive, too stressful to worry about or both.

      Until activists are willing to acknowledge that the US is a class society – with 20% well off and 80% hanging on by the skin of their teeth – I think we’re going to continue to see a lot of cars in the Costco parking lot.

      The Democratic Party has abandoned the working class, to focus on environmental and identity politics. We all saw what they did to Bernie Sanders when he tried to address class issues. And they paid the price when blue collar workers came out in droves to support Trump. From the way Democrats are acting now, it looks like they still haven’t learned their lesson. They may even lose the 2018 midterm elections.

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      • Yeah. The D’s are still cautiously backing investment-bank-friendly moderates. (Not Joe Biden! Please!) Let’s get a Kamala Harris out there, someone energetic, brave, inspiring, forward-thinking and thinking out of the box.
        Every society is a class society, but we can do much better. One of the good things about our current low unemployment, it raises wages and gives working people a voice. I hope we can seize this opportunity.


  1. That’s a complicated question, Kenneth, since the problem of weeds is directly related to poor soil health and monoculture cropping. Organic farmers greatly reduce their need for pesticides by improving soil health and and using cover crops to reduce weed growth – I myself use clover, alfalfa, sweet potato and violets (which sprout naturally in this climate) as cover crops.

    Due to activist pressure, many councils have discontinued Roundup use for weed control, and use vinegar or hot steam. Or rely on local landowners to pull or cut down weeds adjacent to their property.

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