Very high levels of radioactive cesium along the planned torch relay route for the Tokyo Olympics

Study shows highest radioactivity levels at proposed Olympic torch route, which is located to the northeast of Fukushima.


the proposed torch route samples had the highest mean radioactivity due to their close proximity to the plant. Based on the measurement, we estimated qualitatively that the radiation exposure of people living near the Azuma Sports Park area was 20.7 times higher than that of people living in Tokyo. The main tourist and proposed torch routes had radiation exposure of 24.6 and 60.6 times higher, respectively, than in Tokyo.

our results showed that the highest radioactivity level was at the proposed torch route, which is located to the northeast of the plant.

Olympic officials should consider using the results of this project to decide whether the radioactivity level at the proposed torch route and the Olympic venues are within acceptable level.

Measuring Radioactivity in Soil and Dust Samples from Japan   Fukushima IQP Final Report. An Interactive Qualifying Project Report Submitted to the Faculty of the Worcester Polytechnic Instituteby…

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12 thoughts on “Very high levels of radioactive cesium along the planned torch relay route for the Tokyo Olympics

    • Doug, I think it’s a serious mistake to proceed with holding the Olympics in Japan. The Olympic committee needs to start looking at alternative venues. Everyone knows the Japanese government is lying about radioactivity levels – otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to force residents to return to Fukushima.


    • Aunty, to be honest I think the best idea is to avoid Japan altogether – since the government has been misreporting radiation levels from the ghetto. Clearly they should have evacuated Tokyo, based on radiation readings independent investigators were getting. The Japanese government didn’t want to evacuate Tokyo – so them simply lied about the readings they were getting there.


  1. Half the country is completely contaminated lady. Worse than chernobyl. Three reactors blew-up and hundreds of tons of radioactive particle over Japan. One explosion, was a criticality. A fuel pool was blownup, or on fire and sent hundreds of tons of cesium 137, one of the worst and other radionuclides. Fo gracious sakes, what makes you think avoiding hot-spots will do any good?


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