9 thoughts on “Is the US Determined to Become a Rogue State?

  1. Recent Administrations here have exhibited few signs to the contrary. Trump has taken it to the extreme. Without checks and balances on his current trajectory, I’d say the US is either very close to that status or already there, depending further developments in the Middle East and Korea.


  2. What I’m really hoping for Rick, is that China, Russia and Europe combined will be bold enough to replace the contracts Iran will lose as a result of the new sanctions. China has immense gold and foreign reserves and could be far more invested in Iran than they are at present.

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. US was already declining before Trump, even the slogan “Make America great again” admits it, obviously it is saying that America isn’t great now.
    But it’s amazing how this clown is accelerating that decline, even quicker than most of us could think. Now it’s easier to understand why Putin helped him to win:-)


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