Mammograms: Radiation and Other Serious Risks

Safer radiation free methods of detecting Big C are ignored, suppressed, denied or attacked. Why is that?

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The squeezing of the breast in the machine also increases the risk and can spread cancer cells, which also increases the risk. Safer radiation free methods of detecting Big C are ignored, suppressed, denied or attacked. Why is that?

This investigative journalism article dives into the highly profitable world of Big C screening, diagnosis, research and treatments. It details the shortcomings, cover ups and real world dangers plus negative side effects of the medical industrial complex, specifically around breast cancer.

Some root causes of Big C are explored, and sustainable solutions are offered, which do no harm to this or 7 future generations.

via Xrays, Mammograms, Ionizing Radiation Are Biggest Cause Of Breast Cancer; One Million Women Falsely Diagnosed With Big C Due To Mammography, BRCA, Followed Closely By Artificial Man Made Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Hormones | A Green Road Journal

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3 thoughts on “Mammograms: Radiation and Other Serious Risks

  1. For answers to the question, there is a part of society some would deem psychopathic that wants to depopulate earth with the killing of ninety-five percent of humanity. Add to that, think of the suffering some must endure while thinking about others enjoying their years of retirement on Social Security and various pensions. Finally, only a most heartless group of people would deny others of the joy from wealth obtained through the industries that make the aforementioned happy. Talk about selfishness and envy! Do not covet another’s wealth, even if it is from your earnings taken from you! (While thinking about heartless, David Rockefeller had six or seven heart transplants.)


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