6 thoughts on “Eric Idle: Fuck You Very Much, Mr. Trump

  1. There is a lot of horsehit in america
    Republican fukwads, ayn rand fascists convinced a lot of morons, that fuko the clown, was not associated with zionist, neoconservative warmongers.

    Quite to the contrary of this bald-faved lie, fuko came into office, with the help and support of the worst neoconserbative mass- murderers in history:
    1.erik prince, the bush-iraq-war-mercenary. He has fraudelently taken billions of dollars from american taxpayers . He is persoanlly responsible for the murders of thousands of innocent iraqi womam, children and citizens. Neoconserative genocidist uno
    2.Roger Stone: Nixon coconspirator, criminal, known as the sleaziest politician in america today. neoconservative
    3. Paul Manafort:Hardcore flim-flam man, international money launderer:neoconservative
    4. MICHAEL flynn, made a deal, to give the saudis nuclear arms, before fuko was in office: hardcore neoconservative

    Then fukos ministry of truth pushed the big lie that fuko was hands off middle east and zionest aggression. War is peace.

    Now here are pompeo, bolton, the blood-drenched, vampire queen, haspel, with fuko. There is a war against iran, the last remaining oil state to have its own currency.

    What evil, despicalble bastards,fuko and the reptiles that voted for it, are.


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