Raw Milk and Civil Disobedience.


Real Stories (2017)

Film Review

An over-the-top campaign by the FDA to arrest and intimidate US producers and distributors of raw milk has led the sale and consumption of raw milk to be the third most common form of civil disobedience, after marijuana possession and tax evasion. See The Federal Campaign Against Local Health Food

This is the first time I’ve seen the issue of raw milk portrayed as a form of civil disobedience, which it clearly is. Otherwise I had a problem with the way this documentary was divided into pro-milk and anti-milk camps. People who wish to consume milk need clear and accurate information about some of the health risks. Unfortunately this film leaves viewers  with the sense that milk-related health risks are far too complex for consumers to reach any clear conclusion.

The Powerful Dairy Lobby

Owing to billions the dairy lobby has spent on marketing (and a fair amount of bribery and corruption at the US Department of Agriculture) the supposed health benefits of milk, milk and dairy product are the most consumed food on earth. Milk and dairy products account for 46% of the average American’s diet.

The filmmakers interview a host of independent researchers, government scientists, dairy farmers and industry lobbyists. Some of the research presented is highly concerning, such as the 27-year China study linking casein (milk protein) to liver cancer and studies linking Monsanto’s genetically engineered growth hormone (given to US cows and excreted in their milk) to prostate cancer. This dangerous Monsanto product is banned in everywhere but the US.

Among other significant facts filmmakers omitted is that many from specific ethnic groups (especially those of African or East Asian origin) become ill when they drink milk. This is either because they lack the enzyme necessary to digest lactose (milk sugar) or the enzymes needed to digest casein (milk protein).

The Raw Milk/Pasteurization Debate

I was also irritated by the portrayal of the pasteurization/raw milk issue as a matter of conflicting opinion. Numerous studies have documented that pasteurization doesn’t destroy micobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP), the organism linked with Crohn’s Disease, a chronic, severely debilitating and sometimes fatal intestinal condition (see Mycobacterium Avium Tuberculosis).

What pasteurization does accomplish very effectively is the destruction of all the beneficial enzymes and bacteria in raw milk. Raw milk is used therapeutically in Europe for a number of health conditions related to dysfunctional gut bacteria (irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, diabetes, autism, mental illness, depression, anxiety, immune deficiency, Parkinson’s Disease, eczema and psoriasis).


12 thoughts on “Raw Milk and Civil Disobedience.

  1. Don’t forget our nation being deprived of excellent cheeses, French and some domestic, because of pasteurization requirements. Couldn’t they have come up with some brain damaging, life shortening vaccine to prevent non-existent harm?


  2. The fda is a tool of the monopoly corporations , the oligarchs, and rich american congress people vested in that system. They are also a tool od the nuclearists through nuclear medicine.


  3. IF I were to drink milk, it would be in is raw form. I stopped drinking man’s pasteurized crap a long time ago. Granted, it’s still IN stuff I buy or make (sadly I am unable to just stop consuming all forms), I swallow far far far less than I once did.
    I’m NOT perfect, but I do feel better about the little things I can do.
    If I wasn’t married, it wouldn’t be in my house.

    btw: coffee + cereal = not as bad as it sounds + pretty good
    Beer + cereal = baaaad day


  4. I personally do as few animal products as possible, due to the biomagnifying effects of manmade toxins as you move up the food chain. Organic milk, is probably better than pesticide, hormone, antibiotic, infused milk though.


  5. The reality of concentrated toxins you mention is extremely worrying, Tami. And thanks to federal regulating agencies that don’t regulate, no one is testing for them. Thanks for commenting.


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