Canadian Lawsuit Against Corporations Responsible for High Level Microwave Emissions

By Catherine J. Frompovich | Activist Post

A Class Action was filed in Superior Court, Province of Quebec, District of Montreal, Canada, Case No. 500-06-000760-153 against 50 Respondents including the Attorneys General of Quebec and Canada, the City of Sainte-Anne-Des-Lacs, Hydro-Quebec, and approximately 40 corporations involved in the manufacture, production, servicing and transmission of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and Radiofrequencies (RFRs), for their contributory roles in the transmissions, products and services that emit

in excess of one milliGauss of magnetic field, 0.6 V/m of electric field, or 0.1 microWatt per square centimeter of microwave power density for general populations in uncontrolled environments; or 0.3 milliGauss of magnetic field, 0.2 V/m of electric field, or 0.01 microWatt per square centimeter of microwave power density for sleeping environments or for sensitive individuals (children, pregnant women or persons who are electromagnetic hypersensitive) from any one or any combination of anthropogenic the listed electromagnetic field (EMF) sources… [Pg. 6]

Anthropogenic EMF is measurable throughout Quebec attributable to technologies and infrastructures ranging from the low frequency power distribution grid through to high frequency mobile telecommunications networks. Not isolated systems, EMF from one system may couple onto an adjacent network compounding health effects, particularly for electro-sensitive individuals. [Pg. 7]  [CJF emphasis]

Not only is anthropogenic [man-made] EMFs measurable in Quebec, but throughout entire global communities where various microwave technologies are prolific, e.g., cell, stingray and GWEN towers, Wi-Fi, AMI Smart Meters, 3G—4G and “trial communities” for 5G communications networks, plus antenna arrays and radar facilities.

Those technological “advances” have been implemented and allowed to be placed everywhere without proper environmental and human health impact studies—at least in the USA—being made available to consumers and the public at large.  If such studies exist, they are not privy to public knowledge nor are warnings about adverse health reactions, e.g., electromagnetic hypersensitivity, etc.  However, that information probably can be found during the Discovery process of any lawsuit, unless such ‘proprietary information’ may not be divulged due to “trade secrets” . . .

via EMFs and RFRs Finally Taken To Court, In Canada That Is

2 thoughts on “Canadian Lawsuit Against Corporations Responsible for High Level Microwave Emissions

  1. I saw one of those corporate puff-propaganda facts-you-should-know about common myths people should know. Like the kids eating too much sugar at parties does not effect them. Wrong, it hyperstimulates insulin and can cause a temp hypoglycemic state. Next one was that urine will not help a jellyfish sting. Wrong, ers soetimes recommend this to people, especially to prevent hyperinflammation and shock. Finally they said cell phones cannot cause cancer. Some highly reputed radiation experts, in europe have proven otherwise. Their mri in vivo studies are very scary! Our media can be lethaly manipulative and disinformational. All so psychopaths, can keep getting richer.


  2. I find it really sad, Doug. People should be learning basic physiology in high school. If they had a good understanding of how their bodies work, they wouldn’t be susceptible to this shameless propaganda.


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