Crisis In Cali: Workers Face “Buckets Of Feces And Needles” As Homelessness Worsens

The Golden State’s homeless population of more than 130,000 people is now about 25 percent of the nationwide total, and cleaning up after the surging group is getting costly — topping $10 million in 2016-17.

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Workers in California, who are desperately trying to clean up the state because of the skyrocketing homeless population, are facing grotesque conditions. Some workers even fear for their health after being faced with buckets of fecal matter and dirty needles.

In a democrat’s paradise, such as California, you would think all those taxes and numerous regulations would be able to house some people.  But as the taxes and regulations increase so does the homeless rate, and state workers tasked with cleaning up the mess caused by democrat’s policies are facing dire situations.

The taxes will have to continue to rise too in order to cover the cost of cleaning up the shanty towns. According to Fox News, the cost of cleaning up the state’s numerous shanty towns is also hitting record highs, and that price tag is likely to keep rising as workers…

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11 thoughts on “Crisis In Cali: Workers Face “Buckets Of Feces And Needles” As Homelessness Worsens

  1. Ridiculous political bias. Genuine issue wrapped up in political propaganda. The statistics have existed for a long time. It is cheaper to house the homeless than to deal with the consequences of homelessness, and no political party, of any colour or persuasion, is doing the only sane thing – housing the homeless.


  2. But that would be too humanitarian and rational christine! How unchristian! Why give people shelter, when social workers, politicians, the media can make so much money making everyone miserable! The propaganda. The lies. The psychopathy. The insanity. The fake society. So many children, elderly , young people, hard-working people without shelter in america now.


    • Perhaps, I’m showing my age, Kara, but people my age were absolutely scandalized when the first homeless people started showing up on the streets under the Reagan administration. Now the rest of society treats them as a minor irritation! How sad.

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Ever wonder why homelessness has mushroomed in the United States? It is the new rentier economy.

    This is why rape-the-earth and leave it ruined, extracive industries are booming. Lethal industrial poisons are being allowed back, by the epa. Why corporate crime and fraud arw encouraged again. It is why unenemploment and hoplessness is at an all time high among young people. It is why no one can get decent medical care.

    You go to the doctor, and you will end up paying 5000 dollars, to get a portable medical device(because your insurance really did not cover it) to monitor your ekg. You can bet the dr gets a cut of the 5000. You get no diagnosis, or treatment for your heart palpitations. You get a doctors bill, that you pay, and it is still turned over to 9 collection agencies.

    Neofeudalism. Truly, according to british common law, only the owners and larger landowners have rights.

    It you are poor, working poor, or middle class in murica, people with more money and more property, have more rights than you do. That is the way the police see it too.

    If a chiseling employer, decides to not pay you for a fair days work. If a bank, or absentee landlords, decides to evict you because they want your house or apt, they can call the police and the police, will enforce it.

    If a business does not like the way you look, and does not want you standing on a public sidewalk, by their storefront, they can have you arrested.

    It does not matter how many taxes you have payed, how moral you are, or how peaceful you might be.

    If a private security company or bogus policing group, decides to confiscate your car because, you are in their patrolling area on a public road, they can probably get away with it because, their boses are wealthier than you.

    Who do you think the police will side with, You, or the owner class? The police in this society, do not care about average Joes.

    You can be thrown in debtors prison, in murica now, though you owe no one any money. Though you paid off a measly 20 dollar bill, they claim you did not pay.

    If you can afford a lawyer they might be able to help but, habeas corpus has always been an iffy thing in murica.

    The social contract of the us constitution is almost gone in many respects now in murica and it is getting worse.

    This is exactly the way Donald Trump and the republicans, who run this country now , think it should be. The ownership society.

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