Michael Moore and Toothless Political Satire

Where to Invade Next

Directed by Michael Moore

Film Review

Maori TV showed Michael Moore’s 2015 documentary earlier this week. Like many of his films, it seems aimed at young Americans aged 10-12 with little knowledge of politics or other cultures. Like most of his films, it’s characterized by a total absence of political analysis, ie he makes no effort to explain the the political or economic forces responsible for the various social situations he encounters.

The premise of the film – the notion of Moore “invading” foreign countries to bring home desirable social programs to correct major flaws in US society – is extremely flimsy. He mostly focuses on surviving democratic socialist programs in various European countries, without once mentioning that coercive US diplomacy is forcing most of Europe (via free trade, hostile foreign investment, waves of mass immigration from US war zones, IMF privatization schemes, CIA meddling) to abandon their democratic socialist programs in favor of US-style neoliberalism.

That being said, this is probably a good film for pre-teens, providing they watch it with parents. There are some very disturbing scenes of US police and prison guards beating the shit out of black men.

Specific features Moore wants to “capture” from other countries include

  • Italy – up to seven weeks paid vacation, with virtually no productivity loss, owing to reduced stress and illness among workers – and 5 months paid maternity leave (only the US and Papua New Guinea fail to mandate paid maternity leave.
  • France – healthy and nutrient-rich school lunches for the same price as US junk food school lunches.
  • Finland – produces the most well educated students in the world, by reducing the school week (to 20 hours) and eliminating homework and multiple choice exams.
  • Slovenia – free university education for both domestic and foreign students, including wide range of courses in English for US and UK students seeking to avoid student loan debt.
  • Norway – has replaced prisons with rehabilitation centers, resulting in on 20% re-offending (after 5 years), in contrast to US 80% re-offending rate.
  • Tunisia – full equality for women.
  • Germany – 36-hour work week, federal law against phoning or emailing employees when they aren’t at work, extensive school and public education program about dark history of the Third Reich genocide (instead of sweeping their genocidal history under the rug like US does).
  • Portugal – reduced drug abuse and drug-related crimes by legalizing ALL drugs of addition and providing easier access to treatment.
  • Iceland – prosecuted bankers responsible for the country’s 2008 economic collapse, women control half the corporate board seats (owing to law mandating 40% representation) and half the parliamentary seats. Woman-owned bank has released studies showing that a lot of reckless investment trading behavior is testosterone driven.

Where to invade next can be viewed at the Maori TV website for the next 27 days:

Where to Invade Next

9 thoughts on “Michael Moore and Toothless Political Satire

  1. Michael Moore is part of the 1 % . America is ravaged by the Neoconservative ghouls and deep state. It started in the fifties. The fascist, kimodo lizards, consolidating power by killing JFK. They synched the hegemony with nuclear weapons and power in the fifties to wage imperial wars in vietnam and the the middle east. This phoney bastard michael moore, has been like a pied piper in some ways. He has ravaged beaten-down americans with compromised bullshit and sent many down the prim-rose path while people lose their jobs from making waves in this inverted totalitarian state. He don’t care. This evil fuk is pronuclear in the face of fukushima and the fat rat bastard will not talk about it.


    • I think it might have started a bit earlier than the 1950s, Doug. Say like in 1775, when American merchants and planters started a war against England because the King wouldn’t let them expand into Indian territory.


      • More like the colonists had the wisdom to follow a way started by Oliver Cromwell rather than continue under tyranny from monarchs, at that time, crazy George III, and today’s greedy Royals seeking to gather more, give less, and cull/kill the masses of humanity deemed by them as undesirable. Americans, be thankful you don’t live in London. Or Rotherham. Or Luton. Or … Recommended reading, The Declaration of Independence.


  2. Well, you have to understand that the IQ of the average US citizen is ____ (think of a number from 1-100). From that point-of-view, Moore is doing his bit to educate his fellow citizens. ıt’s probably a forlorn task though. God invented war so Americans would learn geography. Who said that?

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  3. My grandad was half kiowa. His father married a native american lady, to expand his spread. She was his last wife. The other two died in child-birth. All so he could have more slave kids to work his spread. May grandad ran away from home at age 11.

    I am a westerner. I used to think the west was so grand! Colorado, where my family is from. Utah, arizona, nevada.

    Later, i realized, our frikin govt used the west as a sacrifice zone for open air nuclear bomb testing, biological and chemical warfare testing, uranium mining and processing, nuclear bomb testing.

    I have been to every native nation in the west and, most in alaska as a professional. No sane person thinks the anglos did the west any favors!

    People ask me if natives or, even anglos are better off from the europeans coming in and taking murica. They used their shit rascist monroe doctrine as an excuse for the environmental destruction and genocides. In the end, is the west better off? Fuck no! They ruined turtle island, and the whole northern hemisphere with their insanity!

    Shockley was the dumnest, white fuker ever! He might have invented transisters, but the genetics of europeans and muricans are forever ruined, by the white evil-war-monkey obession, with the magic rocks.

    There are very few radionuclide toxicologists in the world, because of the nuclear cosa nostra. Radionuclides are a billion times more genotoxic, teratogenic, mutagenic, carcinogenic, than the most dangerous manmade-mutagenic, chemicals, like agent orange.

    Anything factual about radionuclides is verboten! Environmental health professionals, are pariahs in the war monging, capitalist-paradigm. Health physics is nuclearist propaganda. Superior Northern- european culture and technology, is a sick-cosmic-joke.

    The northern europeans culture, with it’s insane blood-lust and psychopathy, has made europeans genetically inferior, and that’s a fact jack. That is the cruel irony.


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