Identity politics sucks. But it’s not a Liberal’s creation.

In a free world, there is nothing freer than being unidentified. Reducing someone to a label is wrong, whatever the reason is. How you identify should not be a representation of your whole self.


“We know what we are but not what we may be” – Spinoza

     Identity politics sucks. Last time, my wife wanted to register for a seminar. She had to answer a few questions: what race, what ethnicity, what age, what sexual identity she identified with, and how she wanted to be referred to. That’s insane. My problem with it is that the persons going this way think that they are broadening their deepness when in fact they are just reducing someone to a few concepts that are independent from (or should be just a part of) their way of thinking and who they truly are. In a free world, there is nothing freer than being unidentified. Reducing someone to a label is wrong, whatever the reason is. How you identify should not be a representation of your whole self.

     Identity based politics is something that America…

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6 thoughts on “Identity politics sucks. But it’s not a Liberal’s creation.

  1. Notice how the altrights focus is how stupid and lazy millenials are or how women she be housemakers. That is all fuko and the clowns have left, after they completely betrayed their base in syria, with michael flynn, prince, bolton pomeo. And the other demon neoconservatives. Back to hardcore shrub bush fasvism.Goddamned wedge issues. Pesonally i am a leftist nationalist. America is a goddamned radioactive and chemical sewer. Youth unemployment has never been higher. No decent medical care. Fuking horrible rotting infrastructure 330 million and growing population.170 or 200 million muricans drink radium and chemical shit contaminated water from fracking nuke waste, pesiticides, plastics, americium in landfills ……. We are used as disposable chattel, by the imperialist neocon lizards , the repukes, the autistic libertards of silicon valley bankrolled by the mic. Places like africa, mid east, mexico, central americal that still have clean air, soil, and water insted of helping them. We fuk the their government cause wars there.
    Refugees pour into this hyperconsumptive shithole. It gets worse here but, the saudie arabian and chinese landlords, that own all the ghetto sprawl apts in big cities get more tenants.

    10 million homeless, women, children, elderly, more private slave prisons built. Half the kids in the megacities have asthma and get pneumonia each time the radioactive, metal, carbon particulates go sky hi there.

    Half the kids now with developmental disabilities from arsenic chicken feed, organophosphate pesticides, shit drugs, bad air radium in water, nuclear waste dumps. The coal plants and oil/chemical factories dumping lead, mercury, radium into our air and aquifers. Shit nuclear plants dumping tritium dioxide into the air and water.


  2. The democratic party is where liberals and progressives go to die.

    What difference will it make whether there are NSA war-monging repuklicans and their ayn-rand rascist-libertard coalition buddies in power, or CIA shitass, war-monging democrats in power?

    Libertard ayn-rand crazies, want to go after china, not russia or the middle east. As long as the imperialist war machine continues here, we are all screwed.

    Bring in your huddled masses! More slaves to make bombs, for the imperium. To destroy what is left of life on earth.


  3. Kara, I spent 16 years in the US trying to be a progressive grassroots organizer – only to discover that all grassroots groups were infiltrated by “politically correct” CIA-funded left gatekeeping foundations. Silly me. I never dreamed I would see the day when the liberal “left” and corporate media would make no effort to conceal their links to US intelligence.

    Thanks for commenting.


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