911 Trillions: Follow the Money

In this documentary, James Corbett approaches the mystery of 9-11 by tracing money flows rather than physical evidence – ie he identifies individuals and companies that plainly had foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks and used it to reap windfall profits.

The three main ways people profited from 9-11 were insurance scams, insider trading and fraudulent electronic transactions. Ironically the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), 9-11 Commission and FBI identified some of the same scam artists as Corbett and other private researchers. Bizarrely they declined to indict them owing to “no known ties to al Qaeda.”

Insurance Scams

Key suspects: Larry Silverstein, GMAC (the finance arm of General Motors) and real estate developers Lloyd Goldstein and Joseph Kerr. GMAC, Goldman and Kerr helped finance Silverstein purchase of the Twin towers from the New York Port Authority in July 2001. Immediately on taking possession, Silverstein doubled the insurance coverage from $1.5 billion (the buildings’ assessed value was $1.2 billion) to $3.55 billion. In addition, following the attacks, the Port Authority repaid Silverstein 80% of the original lease. In total, Silverstein netted a $4.5 billion profit from 9-11.

Insider Trading

On Sept 10 2001, the SEC identified a 90% increase in “put options”* for companies whose stocks would tank the week after 9-11:

  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Morgan Stanley (one of two major tenants in Twin Towers)
  • Marsh & McLennan (one of two major tenants in Twin Towers)
  • Boeing
  • Citigroup
  • Axa
  • Merrill Lynch
  • J P Morgan
  • various reinsurers

The SEC also noted a six-fold increase in “call options” on defense contractor Raytheon (manufactured missiles subsequently used in attack on Afghanistan) in the weeks prior to the attacks.

Three of the most prominent insider traders were Mrs and Mrs Wirt D Walker III (distant relatives of George Herbert Walker Bush and business partners with Marvin Bush with links to the Carlyle Group***) and Deutsche Bank, Alex Brown Division, run by to Buzzy Krongard, former consultant to former CIA director James Woolsey Jr.

Fraudulent Electronic Transactions

Marsh & McLannan was responsible for developing Silverstream, an innovative method of paperless electronic transactions. A team of March & McLannan auditors were investigating $100 million in suspicious transactions involving AIG and Deutsche Bank. All were killed in the 9-11 attacks – their data sets conveniently destroyed. A German company Convar was able to reconstruct most of these transactions from hard drives recovered at Ground Zero.

Attack on the Pentagon

The attack on the Pentagon killed the Department of Defense team investigating the $2.3 trillion that went missing from the DOD 2000-2001 budget – and destroyed all their data.

*A put option lets the option owner sell a stock at its original price when the share price falls – pocket the difference.

**A call option lets the option owner buy a stock at its original price when a share price increases – and pocket the difference.

***Carlyle Group – a global equity management group, closely linked with George H. W. Bush and the bin Laden family.

25 thoughts on “911 Trillions: Follow the Money

  1. James Corbett is a fukushima denier. Fukushima is one of those things, like 911, the Kennedy assassination, chernobyl, that cannot be denied. Fuko the clown is an nwo aberration. Be careful of being sucked into cults, cults of personalities, wats not on tv, mind- warping mind fuks, wats on tv, Human monkeys are pack animals, like dogs. Most pay too much attention, to what they percieve, as the alpha monkeys. The talking head monkeys on tv, who spit out the same shit in different ways and are considered ideological opposites. The preacher who tells ya the way it is, cause the bible says so. The nucular physics monkey who says radioactive shit is ok, and u believe him cause he passed calculus.


    • I was aware that Corbett was a climate denier but not that he was denying Fukushima or the danger of radiation. I didn’t review this documentary because I’m trying to promote Corbett but because I think it’s a good documentary with valuable information about 9-11. There is no one I agree with 100%.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tubularsock follows some of Corbett’s work and like you DrB. Tubularsock doesn’t
        believe anyone 100%.

        Tubularsock has not found Corbett to be a Fukushima denier in the least. He does question the different governmental and industries centered around the issue but in no way has Corbett denied the radiation/Fukushima issue.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree to disagree. I love your blog doc. You are one of the few people who cares. Corbett is affiliated with a spook named ben fulton, who is mi6.
    Fulton is an extreme conspiracy confabulator, and many times a disinformation agent. Beware of the creepy crawlers in some closed spaces! I am sure spooks leak some half truths, when they are convenients for them. Fukushima and climate change are huge issues. The powers that be do not want the gravy train to stop, wars to end, environmental exploitation and degrradation to end. Be careful! Many innocent people are being forced back to the fukushima nogo zone. Large earthquakes do occur in the pacific. Nuclear reactors can fail, with or without earthquakes.


  3. Thanks, Ken. Good to know who Corbett works for. I plan to post some more of his documentaries in the coming weeks. Have you got a link connecting him to MI6? I could post a disclaimer.


  4. Okay, I’ve always been very suspicious of Fulford – owing to his involvement in a secret society of former intelligence and military people. Do have any links connecting Corbett and Fulford?


  5. There were saudi arabian university students in murica at the time of 911. Many were
    mysteriously, flown back to saudi a couple days before 911. What does that tellya?

    Bush made the marco of the philipines, the stalin purges, the murderous ex-dictator of romania, idi amin all look good.

    He, and his cabal, are the most brutal, evil, blood-thirsty genocidal, bunch in history.

    6000 years of antiquities destroyed in iraq, while i listened to the radio after the iraq invasion. That evil fuk was bragging about it. Fallujah, ruined forever by radioactive poison.
    10 generations, or more with hideous birth defects.
    1 million people, butchered, tortured, murdered terrorized.

    Most people in murica, were totally fucked over emotionally, financially, physically, when the bush monsters were in office. Lied to, ripped off, spied on, emotionally and physically ruined!

    Fuko the clown is working on a close second. The degenrate bastard bush, and his minions threw america to a bunch of greedy, blood crazed dogs and sharks. Now fuko is doing the same thing, as if obamy,the cia spook, was not bad enough

    Many of the same devils are back w fuko. The abomination scooter libby pardoned. The degenerate devil netanyahu never goes away or gives up. The evil fuk trump, is rubbing our noses in the demon bushs abomination. He is doing it a million times worse than the cia fuker, obama ,and hillcrats were. It is like a never ending, ever worsening-nightmare.


    • Your comment chills me to the bone, Doug. All true, all very bleak. It’s not starving African children who need the world’s help now – it’s all the broken Americans. I’m so glad to see you remind people of Obama’s CIA-links. I’ve been banging that drum for years.


      • When writing about the CIA, MI 6 has to be included. As in Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs, Pratt House/Chatham House. We need a Dr. Carson to separate us from our evil Siamese twin. Those in power in the UK consider the U. S. its bitch, and a stupid one at that. The Bank of England has the power, and the “Federal” Reserve Bank belongs to it, the City of London rules Wall Street in many ways. I have it from a good source that in the early days of the UN, Adlai Stevenson was our ambassador to it, and, when speaking there, he would often look over to the British representative for approval or help.


    • DrB., Tubularsock doesn’t think Vonnegut will ever die. It is just we’ll have to live in the world he identified and his realizations just become more vivid as we go.

      He sure wasn’t a happy dude and mankind hasn’t changed too much either!


  6. What I feel really bad about, Tube, is that I read quite a lot of Vonnegut when I was a devourer of fiction in my 20s and 30s. I didn’t have a clue how the world worked at the time and totally missed what he was trying to tell me – except for the firebombing of Dresden. I got that bit but had no context to put it in.

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