Why the Democrats are Fighting Wikileaks – Not Wall Street


By Norman Solomon

Vía  Consortium News


Rather than take stock of why they lost in 2016 and address demands of ordinary Americans, the Democratic Party continues to scapegoat Russia and WikiLeaks in a misguided lawsuit, says Norman Solomon in this commentary.

Exactly 200 days before the crucial midterm election that will determine whether Republicans maintain control of Congress, the Democratic National Committee filed a 66-page lawsuit that surely cost lots of money and energy to assemble.

Does the lawsuit target purveyors of racist barriers to voting that block and deflect so many people of color from casting their ballots?


Well, perhaps this ballyhooed lawsuit aims to ensure the rights of people who don’t mainly speak English to get full access to voting information?

Unfortunately, no.

Maybe it’s a legal action to challenge the ridiculously sparse voting booths provided in college precincts?

Not that either.

Announced with a flourish by DNC Chair Tom Perez, the civil lawsuit—which reads like a partisan polemic wrapped in legalisms—sues the Russian government, the Trump campaign and operatives, as well as WikiLeaks and its founding editor, Julian Assange.

It’s hard to imagine that many voters in swing districts—who’ll determine whether the GOP runs the House through the end of 2020—will be swayed by the Russia-related accusations contained in the lawsuit. People are far more concerned about economic insecurity for themselves and their families, underscored by such matters as the skyrocketing costs of health care and college education. . .


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8 thoughts on “Why the Democrats are Fighting Wikileaks – Not Wall Street

  1. The Democrats are not fighting Wall Street because Wall Street is bankrolling their filthy, corrupt, lying asses. Wall Street owns every single one of our so-called congressional representatives who whore themselves out. “For The People,” my ass! “For corporations,” is more like it! And who are the Democrats kidding with this dog and pony show of blaming Wikileaks and the Russians for their 2016 election year losses? They have no one to blame but themselves. The Democrats are an absolute train wreck and the only reason any Democrat will win in the midterms is due to Trump’s fuck ups! Because plenty of Trump’s supporters are abandoning him, he is THAT bad!

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  2. Two of the reasons HRC lost: the American public rejected her, and it also rejected the Marxist Globalist dictatorship the she would have imposed. America wanted and still wants to Make America Great Again. Only Donald Trump offered that, so he won. Military-industrial complex means weapons-producing nation of mercenaries creating an absolute power/absolutely corrupt dictatorship of a very few in total control of whoever is left after the culling.


      • Fascist or Marxist, same result, the military, banking, and Royals will control it all. I think that Obama was Marxist, Clinton Fascist. Like todays Democrat or Republican. Sane Progressive, Debbie Lusignan (sp.?) worked for Sanders, now sees the power behind it all. She is on Facebook, Bitchute, etc.


  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    The best goals won: America not to be brought down to a level of increasing disaster, but, through example and proper leadership, raise other nations up. Or, maintain national sovereignties and lift
    other people up, rather than bringing all but a very few into global feudalism. John F. Kennedy’s Peace Corp their than David Rockefeller’s United Nations dictatorship.


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