‌Forget WW3: What We Just Saw Happen In Syria Is The Extent Of Western Power

It’s a sad day for the US, Britain, France and Israel. Their proxy terror war in Syria is lost, and this latest maneuver was a desperate attempt to save face.

6 thoughts on “‌Forget WW3: What We Just Saw Happen In Syria Is The Extent Of Western Power

  1. The Skripal and Douma false flags were rapidly falling apart, the public were quickly becoming aware of the deceptions, and Trump, May and Macron recklessly attempted to provoke military response and major escalation with a self-constrained 100-missile attack, minimized for public relations purposes, in case Syria/Russia chose not to engage militarily. One can only imagine how Trump, May and Macron are going to manage when the false flag truths hit the fan.


  2. Either that or what we may be witnessing is direct evidence of collusion between FUKUSA and Russia and Syria (Assad & Co.) against the people of Syria.

    Interesting, “that,” that when Russia fires a salvo of cruise missiles into Syrian territory, it strengthens Assad’s grip on the territory; and when the U.S. and Co. do the same, why it’s the exact same result. Or is there something more obvious that I ain’t getting?

    To quote me:

    “Are the Americans really that weak, incompetent and intimidated?

    Or do all of the capitalist states having interests in the Middle East not have a common interest in keeping groups of seemingly restive someones under control?

    And doesn’t the restiveness appear to be general throughout the entire region? How are things in Yemen? What about in Iran? What about in Iraq? And Libya? How’s that working out?

    I wonder which is the scarier prospect: losing complete control over the masses of the Middle East or not getting a piece of the economic pie that everyone has already agreed upon behind the scenes, at the level of oligarchical negotiations?”


  3. Thanks for your comment, Norman. I think there’s growing evidence that Middle East restiveness, aka the Arab Spring was a deliberate CIA/State Dept “color revolution,” orchestrated by the same people who orchestrated the color revolutions in Eastern Europe. If you haven’t read Arabesque$: Enquête sur le rôle des États-Unis dans les révoltes arabes by Ahmed Bensaada, I think you would really enjoy it.



    • Thank you for the link, Stuart.

      I think there are a lot of moving parts to what is happening in the Middle East.

      CIA covert operations cannot determine spontaneous social movements that emerge out of social conditions that are structural and system-wide.

      At most, black ops can co-opt trends to the degree that the trends have not firmly consolidated into conscious networks and organizations that become the articulated conscious expression of mass movements.

      If the CIA and similar institutions are capable of ‘agency,’ ordinary people are also capable of ‘agency’ when conditions are both ripe and impel ‘group’ or ‘collective’ action.

      That people in the Middle East are indeed capable of and have demonstrated a capacity for conscious organization under difficult and repressive conditions is attested to by Ramond Hinnebusch, as but one example.

      This doesn’t mean that the awareness that accompanies these broadbased rebellions will be adequately informed by a comprehension of how to actually resolve their untenable circumstances, or that they aren’t vulnerable to being co-opted, but it does mean that people can of themselves and do sometimes become insurgent without either covert instigation or intervention by foreign powers, although to be sure, the state institutions and organized herarchical networks of local privilege being thus threatened by such instability will seek to misdirect popular grievances in such a way as to preempt either direct challenges to aspects of the social order or an outright overthrow, and one tactic is to blame a foreign power as being behind or orchestrating the mounting social chaos, which is not to discount that covert operations can indeed at the same time be inserted into the melee from without, be it in favor of either helping to fortify or to weaken the system of rule, all depending on an assessment of the balance of forces on the ground with an eye to those advantages percieved to be leverageable under the circumstances.


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