Portrait of a Homeless Philosopher


Directed by Donal Moloney (2018)

Film Review

Martin is a profoundly moving portrait of a homeless man befriended by Irish filmmaker Donal Moloney. Martin Holt, who lives under a bridge, considers himself much better off than people who live in houses – mainly because he has no debt, obligations or stress.

He maintains happiness is an illusion. Life, for him, is the simple pleasures of feeding pigeons, reading books at the library and enjoying seasonal changes.

The cinematography is stunning.

12 thoughts on “Portrait of a Homeless Philosopher

  1. This man could not get away with lying in the same spot, night after night if he was in any city in America. He would have been jailed so fast, his head would still be spinning, in jail. And there certainly would not be some photographer filming him as he heads to the library or to the water’s edge as he sits peacefully looking around him. That ain’t U.S., for sure!

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    • Shelby, I no longer have any doubt that the US is the most brutal and tyrannical regime in history. People here ask me whether I’m Canadian or American (because of my accent), and I’m truly ashamed to admit I’m American.

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      • I would lie and say that I am Canadian because before the U.S. is through fucking up the world, anyone admitting to have been born in the U.S. just may find themselves jailed because there is an assumption that we are ALL like the vile shits that rule us. I’d keep my American citizenship on the down-low if I were you Dr. Bramhall. When I leave up outta here, I am well prepared because I have been practicing a slew of accents from Russian to Spanish, from the posh accents of the U.K. to native Bangladeshis. I am so NOT kidding! Some folks speaking with me on the phone already assume that I am related to Meghan Markle or Vladimir Putin.


  2. Indeed, Rosaliene. Most documentaries on homelessness focus on the ugly circumstances that cause people to become homeless. I found it really refreshing to watch something that challenges our preconceptions about what homeless people are like.

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