Resources for Steal Something from Work Day 2018: Posters, Stickers, and More

At last a holiday by and for working people – in place of all the insipid hard sell corporate holidays that try to get us to spend more money.


It’s that time of year again! For years, employees around the world have celebrated April 15 as Steal Something from Work Day, a day to even the scales with those who profit on our labor. This year, April 15 falls on a Sunday, which means employers should have nothing to fear—since for thousands of years, Sunday has been designated as a day of rest on which no one should have to work. Didn’t we win the struggle for the 40-hour work week? However, just in case the ever-increasing precarity of the labor market has forced some poor soul to work on Sunday, we’ve prepared a great deal of outreach material celebrating Steal Something from Work Day.

The capitalists are enriching themselves on your labor! Settle the score!


To employ these, just print them out on a sheet of sticker paper, cut them up, and deploy!

Classic Sticker


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