5 thoughts on “Brits Apologize to Russian Embassy for London’s Political Offensive on Moscow

  1. Well, this is heartening. At least some folks aren’t buying the utter propaganda that saturates the MSM. Russia is the designated “villain” since the Anglo-American establishment needs an external threat to justify both the State machinations and the main economic and geostrategic Drivers of the Deep State.

    Once you know the history of the British Empire and its role in carving up the Middle East; factor in the war hawks of Neo-Conservatism; the Bush and Clinton cartels as well as Israel’s constant manipulations in moving these chess pieces in their favour, then it becomes relatively easy to predict how these lunatics are going to plan their next move. Russia and the BRICS partner nations are finally standing up to these Western psychopaths who have raped and pillaged the globe for far too long.

    This is pretty much why the obvious fabrication of the Skripal poisoning, the latest false flag chemical attack in Syria and the continuing hysterical demonisation against Putin is all part of the long term strategy of a morally bankrupted West. Fortunately, due to the hackneyed and crude nature of the this propaganda, some of the public are beginning to awaken to this fact and connect the dots…


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